How long does it take a raindrop to fall to the ground?

dropsThe time passed since a drop of water leaves the cloud and falls to the ground It is conditioned by so many factors. that make it almost impossible to predict it with accuracy.

Assuming an ideal scenario in which the drop is perfectly spherical and undeformable, that there is no wind so that the fall trajectory is perpendicular to the ground, and that the velocity is constant, Two forces act on the drop.; its own weight and the resistance to advance that the atmosphere opposes.

Newton proposed an empirical formula that, taking these data into account, calculates the speed of fall and, therefore, the time it takes for the drop to descend from a certain height. As an example, and assuming the previous conditions, a drop of 5 mm in diameter that falls from a cloud at an altitude of 1,800 meters take time to reach the surface about 4.5 minutes.