How to climb and what to see in the citadel of Budapest

The Citadel of Budapest is the highest point of the capital of Hungary, as it is located on Mount Gellért and, therefore, is visible from any corner of the city. In this article we tell you, among other things, how to climb up to it to enjoy magnificent views. Will you join us on this trip to the heights?

Characteristics and history of budapest citadel

Aerial view of the citadel of Budapest

The citadel of Budapest was built in 1854 by order of Julius Jacob von Haynau and with a design made by the military Emanuel Zita, together with Matyas Zitterbath and Ferenc Kasselik. A construction that was erected after the defeat of the Hungarian Revolution.

As a result, a fortress was created surrounded by a wall two hundred and twenty meters long, sixty wide and four high. In this way the Habsburgs intended to better control the city and exercise their power over the Hungarian people.

In 1897, after the peace between the Habsburgs and the Hungarians, the citadel passed into the hands of the latter and was partially and symbolically destroyed. Its history darkened again when during World War II the Nazi army built a bunker inside the citadel and placed part of its anti-aircraft defense there.


It was not until 1960 that the Budapest citadel was declared a place of tourist interest. In fact, today it can be considered one of the main attractions of the city.

How to climb the citadel of Budapest

View from the Citadel of Budapest

As we have seen, the citadel of Budapest is located on top of Mount Gellért, surrounded by a beautiful forest. To get there you can take the bus line 27 or a tram. In the latter case, follow number 47 or 49.

Another possibility is to ascend on foot along some path, such as the one that starts from the Elizabeth Bridge or the one that starts in Szent Gellért Square. During the journey there are benches where you can sit down to catch your breath and, at the same time, observe the wonderful landscape that opens up before our eyes.

You just have to opt for the option that best suits your needs or preferences. Yes indeed, by transport it takes half an hour, but we save ourselves having to climb stairs or slopes.

Once upstairs we find an information poster, that welcomes tourists and that helps us to locate ourselves and see where each point of interest is. In this way we will know which direction to take depending on the destination we choose.

also from above you can see the impressive Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge on the river Danube, the Parliament and the cathedral of San Esteban. These are four of the most outstanding symbols of Budapest.

What to see in the citadel of Budapest

Liberation Monument

In addition to enjoying the magnificent views of the capital of Hungary from one of the viewpoints, in the citadel you can visit the fortress, equipped with sixty cannons. To access it you have to pay an entrance fee of one thousand two hundred Hungarian forints.

Already inside, there is the bunker of the Second World War we are talking about. It houses several rooms full of wax figures that recreate scenes from the time, as well as a large collection of war images that deserve to be seen.

At the top stands the Liberation Monument, erected in after the liberation of the city by the Russian army. It represents a woman raising a palm branch and under it, two other figures that symbolize the defeat of fascism. In addition, there is a restaurant where you can recharge your batteries after the visit.

On the other hand, You can take advantage of visiting some nearby places of interest, such as the Rudas spa, established over four hundred years ago by the Ottomans; the Cave Church of Budapest; the Gellért spa; the Buda castle, which served as the residence of the kings of Hungary; or the Parochial Church of the Center.

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