How to climb to the top of the Berlin TV tower

It is the best viewpoint of the city of Berlin, a spectacular communications tower almost 370 meters high.

How to climb to the top of the Berlin TV tower

Last update: 07 April, 2019

The Berlin TV tower is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the German capital, since it allows to have a panoramic and spectacular view of it. Next, we will discover everything you should take into account when visiting it, starting with how to climb to the top. Will you join us on this trip to the heights?

information about the berlin tv tower

berlin tv tower

berlin tv tower is 368 meters high, which makes it the fourth tallest building in Europe after the Ostankino tower in Moscow, the telecommunications tower in kyiv and the radio and television tower in Riga. And although it was initially three meters shorter, everything changed with the installation of a new antenna in 1990.

The origin of this building dates back to the fifties, when the state telecommunications service of the German Democratic Republic planned to build a television tower for Berlin. The foundation works began in 1965 and concluded in 1969, the year in which the inauguration took place.

As a curiosity, when the sun reflects on the glass that covers the main part of the structure you can see a cross in the center of the sphere. Due to this phenomenon, Westerners referred to the construction as “the Pope’s revenge”, since it went against the communist propaganda of the German Democratic Republic.

On the other hand, in addition to being the headquarters of several German radio and television stations, the tower serves as a lookout with a bar just over two hundred meters high and houses a restaurant from which to get a three hundred and sixty degree view of the city. This rotation takes an hour to complete.

How to Climb the Berlin TV Tower

Observation deck of the Berlin TV tower

To climb to the top of the Berlin TV tower you have to take an elevator that in forty seconds ascends two hundred and three meters. Less fast is the queue you have to wait to use it. One way to skip it is to buy the ticket in advance, which can be obtained online.

The ticket to access the observation deck has a cost of 15.50 euros for adults and 9.50 euros for children, while children under four years of age can go up for free. There are also those who can benefit from discounts, such as students, who pay twenty percent less.

The ascent can be done from nine in the morning to twelve at night from March to October. The opening time is delayed one hour, until ten o’clock, from November to February. Therefore, the schedule is very extensive and each visitor can choose the time of day that best suits their needs and preferences.

Location and how to get to the Berlin TV tower

TV Tower from Alexanderplatz

Once we know how to climb to the top of the building, we just have to figure out how to get to it. So that, the berlin tv tower is located on alexanderplatz, which was the most important square in the German Democratic Republic. Moving to that place has no loss. One option is to take the U2, U5 or U8 metro lines.

Regarding the train, the lines to follow are the S5, the S7, the S9 or the S75; and those of the bus: the TXL, the M48, the 100, the 200 or the 248. Once in the square you can take advantage and walk to one of the nearby sitessuch as the Berlin Cathedral, the Old Museum of Berlin, the Old National Gallery of Berlin or the DDR Museum.

“A traveler who does not observe is like a bird without wings.”

-Moslih Eddin Saadi-

As we have just seen, climbing the Berlin television tower is very simple and its height allows you to enjoy the best views of the German capital. Other places where you can enjoy the city from above are the dome of the Reichstag or the dome of the Berlin Cathedral.

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