How to enjoy a stay with children in Paris

If you think that going to Paris with children will not make you enjoy the trip, you are wrong. Some people prefer to leave their children with a family member to make the most of their vacations. But traveling as a family, although it has drawbacks, it also offers many advantages.

The most important of all is to spend a few pleasant days with your loved ones. Depending on the place you travel, you will be able to do more or less activities with the little ones, so you must be clear about it before choosing a destination. And in this sense, spending a few days with the children in Paris opens up a lot of possibilities.

which many call the city of love it could also be considered as the city of the family. In the French capital you are going to see your children happier than ever, there is an important range of places to visit for the little ones. Do not hesitate and spend a few days with the children in Paris!

Children’s favorite place in Paris

Disney Land Paris

If we talk about places to go with children in Paris, you can not miss Disneyland. Who has not dreamed as a child of visiting this dream place to greet their favorite characters? Mickey Mouse, Donald or Pluto will receive your children with open arms in what will be the experience they receive with the greatest enthusiasm.

Although it is difficult for you to admit it, and no matter how adult you are, visiting this amusement park will also make you enjoy yourself. Just to see the happiness of the little ones is already worth it. In addition, this park will remind you of your childhood and you will not want to leave there!

Disneyland Paris is the main course if you spend your holidays with children in the French capital. So, you can focus all your days on exploring it thoroughly and stay in one of the hotels that exist within the park. If you only want to spend a day in its facilities, we have other plans to offer you.

Other fantasy places for the little ones

Asterix Park – Dolan Halbrook /

What has been experienced in the Disney parks for the little ones is unmatched. But there are other places near the capital of France full of fantasy and that bring cartoon characters closer to children. This is the case of two of the most beloved protagonists in the world of comics.

Asterix and Obelix have their own park in Paris. It is the Astérix Park, which has several shows and the funniest attractions. A place that is sure to please the most nostalgic parents, those who read the comics of the adventures of these two friendly Gauls when they were little.

The best is that the park is true to the original story. For this reason, it is divided into several areas that represent areas such as Gaul, the Roman Empire or Egypt, among others. Thus, in addition to having fun with the children in Paris, you will see how they learn a bit of history.

And to continue with the fantasy, you can visit the Playmobil Fun Park. It is a fun park full of those little dolls also known as “clicks”. You will be able to see what is surely the largest collection in the entire city.

Sightseeing with the kids in Paris

Cruise on the Seine

Going with the little ones on a trip is not an obstacle to doing more traditional tourism. If you are on vacation with the children in Paris, sure they are amazed to see the great Eiffel Towerwhich they had only seen before in movies.

Of course also It is recommended that you visit the Louvre Museum with your family. Children often associate museums with boring places, but the sooner they know that this is not the case, the more they will learn and enjoy. And what better place to do it than in one of the most important in the world.

Also, in Paris you can visit the great cathedral of Notre Dame, where the little ones will be enchanted by the gargoyles. And another beautiful temple is the Sainte Chapelle. This is an essential point in your tourist trip through the French capital.

But there are many more activities to do in Paris with children: stroll along the Champs-Elysées, explore the Montmartre district or enjoy a small cruise on the Seine River. As you can see, there are countless plans to enjoy the French capital as a family, so we recommend that you plan everything before you travel.

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