How to enjoy Slow Travel

Slow travel is a global trend for people who want to take time to travel calmly, without rushing and enjoying everything.

Since a time ago many travelers prefer to take the time to get to know certain places, without haste and very calmly. traveling slowly or slow travel is a very interesting trend, followed by travelers who do not want to be running all day, waiting hours to be able to enter different museums, photograph the typical icons of each city and others.

Nowadays, tranquility is sought when traveling, have time to think, to reflect, being in contact with nature, with quiet places, touring cities. The slow travel It started in Italy a few years ago and today, in the context of the pandemic, it has become more fashionable than ever. Many people need to have time to travel, to see places, at their own pace and without rushing.

It is important to know which country is convenient and which is not when doing this type of tourism. Within a country it is important to choose the area that we want to know. It is not about organizing a trip to the millimeter, but about being able to choose an area and discover its cultural and natural charms, its gastronomy. All this calmly and at your own pace.

Taking advantage of this trend slow travel is for flexible people when traveling and to visit different places. The important thing is to be able to enjoy yourself and not stick to a schedule or have to visit certain museums or more famous buildings by obligation. Skip the crowds It is very important for this style of travel, much more so in the current pandemic.

Walking is one of the best alternatives for those people who truly want to know a town, a city, a territory. It is interesting to discover its streets, its most hidden places and enjoy big secrets during the holidays. for travelers slow travel Hiring tours or organizing excursions is not an option, since they impose a time and schedule on you.

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