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How to get from the airport to Beijing, modern and fast

The Chinese capital Beijing (Beijing) it’s a city dynamic and modern which although it has managed to preserve its traditional environment, full of ancestral customs, has not turned its back on the new times for what it is very easy how to get from the airport to Beijing.

perfectly communicated and with an enviable transport network, the good connections are noticeable, from the Arrival at the international airport of the city.

There’s a lot what to see in beijing obligatory stop at any route through China so we should not waste time and get there as soon as possible!


From the terminal, they are constant departing buses following different routes, towards Beijing.

The bus tickets are cheap and range from 16 and 22 Yuan and make the journey to the last station in approximately one hour.

This medium of transport is very common and the one chosen by the majority of travelers who arrive at the airport after 23 hoursmoment in which the train (Airport Express) no longer covers the section between airport and city

Train (Airport Express)

From our point of view, the best option, fast, without queues and cheapeasily transfers us from the airport to the city.

Cover all three terminals and stops at all of them and then continues towards the city center.

Beijing Subway Map

Make two stops, the first in Metro line 10 which is a bit outside of the city.

the next and last stopit is at the station Dongzhimen which connects with Metro line 2 and is where most people get off, given its perfect connection to the center of Beijing.

Located in the same terminal from the airport, its price is 25 Yuan.

To go from the city center to the Beijing International Airport we must continue the same steps but in reverse.

Taxi (how to get from the airport to Beijing)

This option is the less interesting of all for the price of the trip between the airport and Beijing, which can easily be around 250 /300 Yuan.

Thus, scrolling from any of the terminals to Beijing city centerit will be cheap and fast.

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