How to get to New York from Washington

If you have just started your adventure to discover the United States and want to travel to New York from Washington, you should know that it is easy. Next, We are going to tell you how to make the journey between two of the most important cities in the country and from all over the world. Get ready for an unforgettable trip!

Between Washington and New York there is a distance of 365 kilometerswhich by car means approximately four hours of travel.

For those who travel to the United States to get to know its capital, Washington, it is more than profitable to make a trip of one or two days to the city that never sleeps. However, Which is the best option?

How to travel to New York from Washington

The four hours that separate these two cities make it worth the trip to spend at least one day. Thus, there are many transport options to travel from one city to anotherand more if they are two of the most important in the country.

In 24 hours you can get to see the most essential of New York. But if you want to be more, perhaps you should consider a faster and more comfortable option to travel. However, if you want to save for your trip to New York, there are also cheaper ways to get there. These are the most important!

Bus: the cheapest option

Since there is no great distance between Washington and New York, traveling by bus is a cheap and bearable optionsince the four hours of travel are not very tiring for travelers.

The leading company that has the most routes for this trip is Megabus. It offers seats in its vehicles for a price of between 20 and 40 dollars round trip. The price will vary depending on the time: at peak times it will be more expensive.

Buses leave from the most important stations in both cities. Therefore, you will have the possibility of making connections to more places if you are going to make a route through the United States. For example, the Washington station is close to the Capitol.

Next to Megabus, too there are other companies like Greyhound, the leading company in the United States. The prices are similar and the stops are also very strategic. There are also others like Boltbus, where there are great deals ($1 each way), but only if you book them in advance.

Plane: the most comfortable option

The journey is the fastest, and the means of transport in which you would travel, the most comfortable. It only takes an hour to go from Washington to New York.. If you organize yourself well, you can get flights for 60 dollars.

Of course, although this option is the most comfortable, it also saves you time: at the airports you always have to go in advance, so in the end you will end up taking almost the same time as by bus.

The reason why we recommend taking the plane is if you are going to stay in New York for more than one day. With this you amortize the price of the ticket and it will be worth the time spent at the airport. Also, you will enjoy a more comfortable trip and it will be easier to carry your luggage.

Train: the most expensive option

Surprising but true. While bus and plane service is very well organized, the US rail network does not work as well. There are worse connections and prices are more expensive (over a hundred dollars each way).

In addition, the travel time is practically the same as the bus, since there are no high speed trains. If you want to save during a trip, it will not be the most profitable option with respect to quality-price. Trains arrive in Manhattan and depart from the Capitol.

Rental car: ideal to share with friends

If you are lucky enough to share your trip to the United States with family and friends, the most profitable and comfortable option will be to travel by rental car. You can choose the departure time and not depend on station schedules, in addition to saving yourself the hassle of waiting.

The rental price for a car is $70 per day plus fuel. It is more expensive than the bus, but more comfortable, since it gives passengers freedom.

This option is more interesting if you are going to go to New York for more than one day. Of course, be careful with the car parks! They are expensive, and besides, it is difficult to circulate around the city to reach them.

These are the options to travel to New York from Washington. Nevertheless, There is always the option of hiring a tour guided. It costs about $120 and includes a tour guide. If you don’t want to complicate yourself, you can always leave it in the hands of the agencies. Or maybe you prefer to go it alone, much more fun. The choice is yours!

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