How to get to the Yuriev Monastery in Russia

We will explain how to get to the Yuriev monastery, known to be the oldest in Russia. For that information alone, it would be worth a visit. But aside from its long history, this religious center is also a very beautiful place. And it is as much for its location on the banks of the Volkhov River as for the art it treasures.

Some information about the Yuriev monastery

Yuriev–Kokoulina Monastery

Although the Yuriev monastery is credited with a legendary origin, the truth is that There is written evidence of its existence since the 12th century.

From then on it became an important religious center for the Russian Orthodox, and also for their rulers. In fact, great personalities of the country are buried in the monastery itself and the most recognized in the city of Novgorod, the city in the vicinity of which it is located.


Five of its six churches were destroyed in 1928, and during World War II other buildings were heavily damaged. Since 1991 works have been undertaken for its reconstruction.

How get to Yuriev monastery

St. George’s Cathedral – FotograFFF

We have already anticipated that this monastery is located in the city of Novgorod, known until recently as Velíki Nóvgorod (that is, Nóvgorod the Great). However, it must be said that the Yuriev monastery is not located in the same urban center, but is about 5 kilometers from the heart of the city.

However, it is tremendously easy to go to it, it is even possible to do it on foot or by bike. To do this, just follow the walk along the banks of the Volkhov River. In this way we will arrive at where the river channel widens and its waters are on their way to form Lake Ilmen. It is precisely there that the Yuriev Monastery rises majestically.

And for those who want to arrive in a more comfortable way, or have little time, there are other possibilities. For example, you can reach the Yuriev monastery by city bus, by taxi, and even sailing down the river itself. In short, a delight to reach this monument so loved by the Russians.

How to get to Novgorod

Novgorod Kremlin – Marina Zezelina

Once we know that it is not complicated to get to the Yuriev monastery from the urban area of ​​Novgorod, we will tell you how to get to this city. for which there are also several possibilities.

Novgorod is located in the north-west of the great expanse of Russia. Y it is relatively close to its two great tourist centers: Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Especially the first one, since it is less than 200 kilometers away. For this reason it is common to make an excursion from Saint Petersburg to see the Yuriev monastery.

On the other hand, from the Russian capital there is a greater distance. Just over 500 kilometers separate it from Moscow. Although it must also be said that it is perfectly communicated by various means of transport, as we will see below.

arrive by train

Novgorod – Антон Каменский /

By rail, Novgorod is perfectly connected. And it is not only with Moscow or Saint Petersburg, but also with other big cities like Minsk or Murmansk.

The two great Russian metropolises are linked by high-speed train, the so-called Sapsan. It stops at the Chudovo station, and from there it is possible to get to Novgorod. This train is the most expensive, so you can also opt for other slower regional ones that depart daily from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

arrive by bus

Intercity buses to Novgorod depart from Saint Petersburg, and even from Riga in neighboring Latvia. The truth is the city has an active bus station that communicates it with almost all the important places of the European zone of Russia.

arrive by car

Novgord – Aleksandr Zykov /

And finally, for those who are traveling through Russia with their own car, with a motorhome or with a rented car We are going to tell you how to move around the area to discover the Yuriev monastery.

It’s quite simple because the highway that passes through the Novgorod region is the federal highway M-10, also known as Rossiya. This road begins in the Moscow capital itself and from there heads north, until it reaches the border with Finland.

But before passes through cities like Tver or St. Petersburg. And above all for our destination, Novgorod and its famous monastery.

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