How to go from Liverpool to Manchester

fast and comfortable

The city of Liverpool, famous for its 4 neighbors More popular, The Beatles, It is an ideal destination to enjoy a weekend, full of music and culture.

Its attractions are innumerable, as well as the number of impressive places that its surroundings offer us, such as York, chester or the city of Manchester.

Since Liverpoolconnections , via train or ship are impressive, so it is easy to tour part of England with the city of the Beatles as a starting point or even decide to visit Wales or Ireland.

To know How to go from Liverpool to Manchester from the John Lennon International Airport is the most that easy, since from there they depart buses every 60 minutes heading to this city.

Bus company how to go from Liverpool to Manchester

For about 10 euros, we can cover the journey between Liverpool and Manchester by bus, in just 50 minutes.

The buses are right in the same terminal from the airport and is perfectly indicated.

We have the possibility buy return tickets which are cheaper.

Yes, we opted for the option of spend the night in Liverpool and visit this beautiful city for a few days, we will also have the option of go to Manchester by train, from Liverpool mainline station.

There are frequent trains every day and although it is more expensive than by bus, it must be said that it is more comfortable.

Enjoy these two cities, today is a reality available to anyone, thanks to the good communication between the two.

Knowing how to go from Liverpool to Manchester It will allow us to enjoy either of these two cities in a fast and comfortable way.

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