How to go on an excursion to the Agafay desert from Marrakech

From Marrakech you can visit several nearby deserts. as well as you can go on an excursion to the Merzouga desert, the most famous, there are other options closer. In this post I am going to tell you how to go on an excursion to the Agafay desert from Marrakech, what are the differences, advantages and disadvantages.

By the way, there is one on the blog. travel guide to Morocco to organize your visit that you can consult to plan your trip.

First days in Marrakech

I made a post on the blog Guide to visit Marrakech for free, based on my three-day visit to the city, with a list of sites that I recommend seeing. It is a city that can be visited on your own without any difficulty, although my recommendation is to hire a guided tour for the first few days, especially to familiarize yourself with the city at the hands of an expert. For example, you can hire a free tour of Marrakech (or rather with the cap system and with a minimum of 10 euros recommended to leave the guide). There is also the option of a private tour in Marrakech for groups.

Marrakech is a city to stay at least a couple of nights or three. Once you have explored the essentials of the city, it is time to take a tour of the desert. It is time to tell why the excursion to the Agafay desert from Marrakech is an excellent idea.

Agafay desert tour from Marrackech

This tour includes a night in the Agafay desert in accommodation with breakfast in a private haima. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to experience the desert under the stars in a tour that lasts a total of 19 hours.

What is the Agafay desert like?

This desert is quite close to Marrakech (about 30 kilometers), and curiously, until not so long ago it was little known. And it was outside of the so-called mass tourism that currently visits Morocco. It is a landscape of arid hills and the Atlas Mountains are seen as a backdrop, which can be snow-capped in winter. Therefore, it is an impressive landscape, and different from the deserts of the south in which the frame of mountains is not seen.

What is the difference of the Agafay desert excursion from Marrakech.

Check the itinerary, prices and book the tour to the Agafay desert

The main difference is its proximity, with a shorter trip, which means that you can see it and spend the night leaving the same day from Marrakech. It is the easiest desert to access and ideal for those who travel to Morocco with little time. In any case, the experience will be precious: sleeping in a three or four-star haima, having dinner and a night show included, and enjoying the landscape and the Atlas Mountains as a frame. This desert is also known as the Marrakchi Desert.

Why choose an excursion to the Agafay desert?

The desert more developed at the level of tourism It’s of Erg Chebbi which is close to Merzouga, but that desert is much further away and is usually visited on a tour of more days that includes a more extensive itinerary with nights at different points. Yet no one could deny the beauty of deserts like that of Zagora (somewhat closer than Merzouga), another of the alternatives, or the exotic landscape with hills of Agafay much closer. In just 40 minutes we will arrive at our accommodation in the desert from Marrakech.

On this map you can see the location of the three most visited deserts from Marrakech including Agafay:

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