How to go to Aveiro from Porto, one of the best getaways in the day.

One of the best excursions to do from Porto in the day is to visit Aveireither. It is a quick, easy trip and Aveiro is a beautiful destination due to its striking canals, boats and architecture. In this post I am going to explain the different options to be clear about How to go from Porto to Aveiro. Especially the free train option, and the organized day trip option.

Why is it worth going to Aveiro?

Aveiro is one of the portuguese coastal cities most beautiful: in their channels the calls moliceirosSome are reminded of a kind of Portuguese “Venice”. For example, in this post I tell you everything you can see and do in Aveiro in one day. Very close to Aveiro is the Costa Nova beach development with its lighthouse, and its colorful houses. It is a perfect plan to do from Porto.

Where is Aveiro

Aveiro It is south of Porto, about 77 kilometers, this is an hour’s drive. It is the central region of Portugal. something closer is coimbra (south of Aveiro), about 55 kilometers. Aveiro is almost on the shore of the Atlantic, crossed by a system of rivers and canals connected to the sea. It is considered to be the most beautiful estuary in Portugal. The nearby Costa Nova (only about twenty minutes away) is right on the beach.

One of the best ways to get to Aveiro from Porto is by car. You will be there in just one hour, and the car will be convenient if you want to move on your own between Aveiro and Costa Nova to visit both cities (in any case, both are connected by an urban public transport bus).

If you want you can here check car rental prices in Porto. My recommendation is always to consult and pick up at the airport since there is usually more availability and better prices.

How to go from Porto to Aveiro by train.

The train is the best option connectivity with Aveiro from Porto, since it is efficient, cheap and comfortable. It also has a significant number of frequencies. There is an urban train service that takes about 75 minutes. It is very feasible to do in the day. There is even a faster train option, but they are more expensive and require a change at Campanhã station. This Intercidades express train takes about 50 minutes. I think for about 25 more minutes, it is not worth spending more money and making a change.

From Saõ Bento station.

The train to Aveiro leaves from the station sao bento (the station that has a beautiful tile decoration and is in the heart of the city).

How to go from Porto to Aveiro

The urban train from Aveiro to Porto has a frequency of one hour during the day in each direction, which makes it very easy to coordinate. This train operated by the state railway company has intermediate stops in various cities. The price per section is about 3.55 euros for adults, round trip 7.10 euros. The rate for children is lower, about 1.80 euros per section. In both directions the trains start early in the morning, and run until around 11 pm. Fortunately, the train journey is quite beautiful since once you move a few kilometers away from Porto it begins to follow a track very close to the coast.

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At the São Bento Train station you will find both ticket offices and ticket vending machines. Once you have the ticket you have to validate it before boarding the train in the machines that are when you enter the platforms. This is important to do to avoid penalties if a guard checks the bills. Once you arrive at the station Aveiro, you will be close enough to walk to the historical and touristic part. By the way, the Aveiro train station building is beautiful and has tile art.

Aveiro train station

How to go from Porto to Aveiro on an organized excursion

There is an option to go to Aveiro on a four-hour tour departing from Porto. This option is ideal if you want to stop worrying about the logistics of visiting Aveiro.

Here you find all the information about the tour to Aveiro and Costa Novaalways in Spanish and with transportation included.

By the way, if you go to Aveiro during the day, there is a tour in Spanish that takes you to Costa Nova, the salt flats and that includes the ride in a moliceiro. Although this tour starts in Aveiro, so you have to take care of transportation to the city, either by train or by bus.

How to go from Porto to Aveiro by Bus.

The company that connects Porto with Aveiro by bus is Rede Expressos. However, on this route, the bus is much slower, and is even more expensive than the train. The bus takes about 85 minutes as it makes many intermediate stops. And the ticket costs about 8.60 euros. Therefore, I insist that the best option is the train.

Finally, if you are thinking of a trip to Portugal, I recommend you see the destination guide in portugal and the idea of route through the north of Portugal Leaving from Lisbon.

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