How to visit the Prado Museum without dying trying

It needs no introduction. It is one of the best art galleries in the world and that says it all. Therefore, it is unforgivable to go to Madrid and not visit the Prado Museum, even if you are not a lover of painting or an art connoisseur. Seeing the works exhibited there is a privilege that should not be given up.

Art lovers do not need any guide to tour the Prado Museum. Surely they will go again and again to marvel at the best artistic expressions. Instead, those who are not very fond of painting may need some guidelines to miss any of the museum’s gems.

What is the best time to go? What should you look for during a visit that is not intended to last for a whole week? What are the keys to not arriving exhausted at the entrance after standing in an eternal queue? Here we tell you.

The time to visit the Prado Museum

The first thing you should know is that the Prado Museum is one of the few in the world that It has a free access schedule every day. If you travel on a low budget and just want to meet that obligatory appointment with art, it is best to visit it during that time slot. It is from Monday to Friday from six to eight in the afternoon; and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from five to seven in the afternoon.

On May 18 and November 19 you can enter for free throughout the day. Now, the problem is that if you go at those times, you will find a crowd of tourists that coincide with your plan. The Prado Museum is usually emptier between two and five in the afternoon, but you must buy the ticket. If you do it beforehand online, you will save yourself a lot of time in line.

The museum is open Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays it opens from ten in the morning to seven in the afternoon. It only closes on January 1st, May 1st and December 25th. On December 24 and 31 it only works until two in the afternoon.

The guide, an aid to visit the Prado Museum

Art has its secrets and its own magic. If we are not aware of them, we may stop appreciating the enormous value of the works of art housed in the Prado Museum. That’s why, it is very convenient to have some tools to take advantage of the visit.

You must enter through the ticket offices at the Goya gate and go up the stairs there. They are closer to the points of greatest interest. Don’t forget to ask for the brochure with the map of the Prado Museum so you don’t get lost in this labyrinth of beauty. At the entrance you can also rent an audio guide.

But if you really want to take a dip in culture, interesting facts and magic, the best thing is that you go on a guided tour. Nothing compares to having an expert to help you understand the wonders behind every great work.


From the outset you should know that the Prado Museum has the best of the work of two great painters: Velázquez and Goya. If you have little time, in any case, do not stop appreciating them. We suggest the following basic route:

  • When you go up through the high door of Goya, you will come to the main gallery. Do not stop seeing the work there Emperor Charles V on horseback at Mühlbergby Titian.
  • Enter the first door on the left and contemplate the three graces by Rubens.
  • Nearby is room 7. There you will find the SagebrushRembrandt’s.
  • A little further on, in rooms 8A and 10A, let yourself be captivated by the works of El Greco.
  • Go a little further. Between rooms 12 and 16 you will find a delight for the eyes and the heart: the paintings of Velázquez.
  • Goya’s paintings are at the back of the main gallery on the first floor. On floor 0 is his black paintings.
  • Do not leave the museum without going through room 56 A, where Bosch’s worksone of the most fabulous painters of all history.

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