Icebarcelona allows you to have a drink between ice

Next to the Barcelona beach we can find Icebarcelona, ​​a place where you can enjoy drinks next to ice statues and below zero

Although ice bars they are something quite common in Nordic countries (more because of the temperature than because they are really made of ice) it is surprising that in sunny Barcelona we find a bar decorated with ice and which is also located right next to the beach. The icebarcelona It is precisely there, on the Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta, 38, among the well-known Shoko and Pacha clubs. A place where you have to enter prepared, because the ice is not only in the glasses and glasses, but everywhere.

To access the icebarcelona you have to equip yourself with outerwear provided by the premises. The ticket costs 17.50 euros and not only includes the cup, but also the coat and gloves, which are usually needed at a temperature of 5 degrees below zero. The visit lasts about 45 minuteswhere you can enjoy a drink, or more, if you want, as well as enjoying good music and an atmosphere that, although it seems somewhat cold, is quite pleasant.

The ice is not placed in any way, of course, but it is shaped to create authentic ice sculpture exhibits, the work of one of the most prestigious ice sculptors in Europe. The decoration is updated at least twice a year, since although the temperature remains constant, the statues are melting little by little and lose consistency. Thus, every few months the works are updated, which maintain a generic aesthetic, with a theme for everyone.

On occasions, Barcelona and its monuments have been the protagonists, although on others they have been based on films and other cultures. In any case, it is a joy to walk among these ephemeral works of art, which offer an interesting setting in the premises. Move between them with the coat and the rest of Thermal clothing What the place offers is fun, especially in the summer, when outside it is calmly above 30 degrees Celsius and inside it is below 0 degrees.

In it icebarcelona Children can also enter, although not at night, when there is a more adult atmosphere. Private events and parties are also organized, which can be arranged on the premises to offer a different atmosphere to the celebrations. The Icebarcelona venue is one of those different places that attract thanks to their special offer, which turn the visit into something different and very attractive. Did you already know him?

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