Ideal trip to Normandy

For a few years I have been planning to travel to France, but in the end I never find time at work to escape, so all I can do is imagine it. my desired vacation would be to the Normandy regionI like to take different trips, go to places where no one around me has been, so that I can let the city surprise me without having any expectations.

I would like this trip to last ten days, but since I don’t think I will have that much time, I would have to do it in a week. I would like to travel by plane, you don’t waste much time on the way and since I have little time I want to take advantage of it doing tourism. The chosen time would be summer, since Normandy is located in the north of Franceso the temperatures are not usually very high and thus there are more hours of daylight.

The The first city I would like to visit is RouenSince I am a lover of art and architecture, I would like to start the trip by sightseeing. When you are there it seems that you have traveled in time, our itinerary would have to include a visit to the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame and the atrium of Saint-Maclou, with a stop at a restaurant to eat “Rouen-style Duckling”.

The second stop would be at the Lyons-la-Forêt village, where I would like to go on a horseback ride through the Lyons heritage forest, a beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature. The next stop would be Évreuxwhich is the capital of Eure, Gothic art predominates in this region, so I could not leave without visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Évreux Museum.

The fourth The city we would visit would be Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, I like to intersperse quiet cities with larger ones, this site is famous for its curative waters, if we do not believe in these legends we can also go hiking, golf, tennis, bicycle, etc. After this activity we cannot leave the Orne department without eating its famous Mortagne black pudding.

The next destination would be the city of DeauvilleThis site is much more touristy, it is famous for its parties and luxury establishments, here you should visit the “Les Planches” promenade where the names of some American stars are engraved in each booth. This place would be the ideal place to try Normandy scallops and cider. Later I would like to do a Quad tour of the landing beaches (Omaha Beach, Sword Beach, Juno Beach and Gold Beach) and their monuments, thus making an express cultural visit.


I would not like to return to Spain without visit the city of Coutances, which is famous for its grandiose cathedral and Mont Saint-Michel which is a place of pilgrimage. I would also like to try different dishes made with apples, since Normandy is famous for the many varieties there are.

To make this trip it would be essential to rent a car, I have found a website with which it would be possible for me to look at hotels, restaurants and activities to do, I could also book them through the web, so it would not be so complicated to visit so many places in so Little time. I hope one day to fulfill this dream.

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