Indonesia will be a featured country in 2018

Indonesia is an Asian destination that is confirmed as a place of reference in terms of tourism.

There are more and more tourists who bet on different and somewhat exotic destinations when traveling both as a couple and as a family. Indonesia is one of them, a country that usually captivates all travelers who meet it every year and enjoy truly spectacular vacations, and for this reason 2018 is expected to be an excellent year.

Tourism in Indonesia continues to advance and it is intended to reach 17 million tourists in 2018This year can be an excellent opportunity for Indonesia to advance in terms of tourism, since it is a place of reference from the natural and cultural point of view and also where gastronomy is of special interest among travelers.

The tourism minister He is satisfied with the data collected throughout 2017, since it was a very hard time after a major natural disaster. It was possible to achieve 15 million international visitors and for 2018 the goal is to reach 17 million, which would be a very positive figure if it were achieved.

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Indonesia is currently an excellent place for nature lovers, among other things because they meet 17,000 islands spectacular where sun and beach tourism, water sports and experiences in the middle of nature are recommendations to be able to enjoy a vacation that is very worthwhile to spend as a couple throughout the year.

A lot of Travellers coming from China, since it is one of the main tourist markets. It is also a country that is reaping very good data in terms of income, which is another important aspect that the government of the Asian country takes into account to continue offering improvements to all citizens.

Within the places that people usually visit we find Bali, which is one of the favorites in recent years by couples. It is an area where the beaches, spectacular landscapes and options to enjoy water sports are enough incentives to draw the attention of many people every year.

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