Initiation to the family walk in the Moroccan desert

The Moroccan desert is one of those treasures of Africa that attracts thousands and thousands of visits every week. More and more people decide to get to know the sand dunes and all their secrets with their family. And it is increasingly common to see how parents and children share the wonderful experience of touring the Sahara.

To get to know the Moroccan desert you have to be clear about planning your trip. Even more so if you go with children. That’s why, you should know the pros and cons of visiting one part or anothersince the Sahara is so large that it extends almost from north to south of the African continent.

Do not deprive yourself of the experience of spending a few days that you will never forget with your family. Beyond the safaris, the historical cities or the pyramids of Egypt, touring the Moroccan desert is one of the activities that you will not forget on a vacation in Africa.

Which part of the Moroccan desert should you choose?

Erg Chebbi – Dimitry B. /

As we have already said, the Moroccan desert is immense, so a long trip from Marrakech is needed to access the main places. The most famous are the desert of Zagora and Merzouga.

In Merzouga they are Erg Chebbi dunes, which exceed 150 meters in height. The main drawback to visiting this place is the time it takes to get there. It’s about ten hours of travel, so you’ll almost certainly need to spend the night both on the way out and on the way back.

Within what is considered the Moroccan desert, Zagora is another of the most visited parts. You can get there in about five hours, maybe a little more, due to the tourist stops that are made during the trip.

Although they are long trips, in both you will enjoy incredible places during the course. If you go with children, the one in Zagora may be preferablesince it is just as impressive and the trip will become less burdensome.

The walk through the desert

There are several ways to tour the Moroccan desert. The main one is off-road, hiring a guide. It is the most recommended way, because it is the safest and, in addition, you can intersperse the trip with other activities, such as traveling a few kilometers on foot.

morocco desert

It is convenient that you have a few things clear to protect yourself from the dangers of the desert. Especially if you go as a family, because children are more vulnerable. The main enemy is heat. The most logical thing is that temperatures exceed 40 degrees, so if you do not go in the best conditions you can have a very bad experience.

You have to choose breathable and light-colored clothing, because in this way it will not absorb so much heat. In addition, it should cover most of your body so as not to suffer burns. Do not forget to cover your eyes, nose and mouth, because the wind raises the sand and it is very annoying.

On the other hand, the footwear has to be comfortable, sporty and breathable. And, if you have room in your suitcase, take a spare to rest your feet in your spare time.

You should wear sunglasses, sun protection for the little ones and something to cover their heads to avoid sunstroke. Although the day is very hot, the nights can be cold, so add some warm clothing to your luggage.


When you travel through the Moroccan desert you have to carry water. It is advisable to drink small amounts frequently to avoid dehydration of the body and heat stroke.

Travel with a guide

Excursion in Merzouga

There are adventurers who travel the desert on their own. With little more than a first aid kit and a compass, apart from the basic equipment, you can enjoy a trip for a few days in the Moroccan desert.

But if you go as a family, It is recommended to go through it with a guide.. If possible, sign up for an excursion that includes spending the night in the famous tents. In fact, some include toilet services, even showers, so you won’t have to worry when traveling with your children. Thus, in addition, you can see the show of the starry night in the Sahara.

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