Insólio: Man eats glasses of champagne and other glass (Video)

It seems that it is fashionable to eat strange things, remember the woman who is addicted to eating soap? After watching the video and reading the news, I think it’s hard to choose which is the weirdest “food”. In the city of Ohio, it was learned of a man who has a peculiar taste in his food: Glass.

Josh27, lives in the city of Ohio, in the United States and eats from light sources, to glasses and cups, through other objects based on transparent material.

«I eat everything that is made of glass, and I do it at homein bars, with friends. I like to see the reaction of the people and I feel good about my liking for it,” Josh told TLC.

Also, in the report made FTA You can see how Josh enjoys eating glass without harming himself as much as possible.

Courtesy of TLC we show this video:


The video contains images of the man eating glass, it is strong for sensitive people. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH CHILDRENbecause they can copy what they see in the video.

Video removed…
Via: Generation Magazine