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Is it true that animals cry?

What do you think?… The truth is that yes, but not out of feeling.

The truth is that a large number of animals also cry. Some time ago I published an article about the reason why crocodiles cry. If you read it you will realize that in their case they cry because their eyes must always be wet once they are out of the water, in other words their glands secrete tears to moisten the eye. They also do it because they have glands to get rid of the salt not eliminated by the kidneys after eating a prey or swallowing water. But what about the other animals?


Some birds are no exception, for example, did you know that seagulls cry to eliminate salt from their bodies? In the article also published, it was explained that when they drink ocean water, their body secretes the excess salt that is in their body, in fact their gland located in the upper part of each eye begins to work when they eat an animal or have drunk saline water. So the seagull begins to cry milky tears that trickle down its beak. Periodically shake to remove them. The drops are white due to the large amount of salt they contain.

It is also said that when the seals are scared or agitated by some situation they also cry. There are many other animals that also cry. However, the only living being that does it to express emotions such as joy or sadness is the human being.

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