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Is it true that listening to Mozart music makes children smarter?

child-listens-musicOne of the many urban legends that invade us, is that many people believe that listening to children’s music by Mozart makes them more intelligent, however that is not true, say scientists in a new study.

How did that urban legend start? It was from 1993 when an American psychologist Frances Rauscher announced that the compositions of the Austrian composer Mozart favored the improvement of the IQ, hence many families make it possible for their children, even before birth, to listen to music by Mozart.

Of course, as Jakob Pietschnig, a member of the team, assured, it is advisable to listen to Mozart’s music, but it will in no way increase intellectual capacity. It is just a myth that has survived for many years.

To reach this result, the experts analyzed 30 previous studies on this subject, in which the influence of Mozart’s music on some 3,000 people was analyzed.

The result
: No specific effect of music on spatial intelligence could be ascertained.

The existence of the “Mozart effect” had already been questioned in the past and is included in the work “50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology” by Professor Scott Lilienfeld.

As we can see, it’s an urban legend. Do you think Mozart records are still being sold? Maybe it was just a strategy to “immortalize” Mozart, let’s see what happens, let’s hope it’s not completely forgotten.

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