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James May’s Lego House

Can you imagine living inside a house made entirely of the successful pieces of the Lego game? That was imagined by the famous James May who has a TV program in Great Britain, he undertook the task of building a two-story house with everything necessary to live, with the help of 1,000 volunteers they built the house completely out of Lego, occupying 3 million pieces. Nothing simple, right?


However, the house was in danger. In addition to not being very safe, it was located in vineyard land, so it could be there all the time, it was necessary to transport it. James thought about transporting her to an amusement park which was very expensive, or else the house would have to be torn down.



The house had a toilet, sink and shower. It had a bed so hard that James expressed that he had never slept in a bed as hard as that, in the kitchen there were items, such as a toaster and blender. In short, it was designed to survive.


Unfortunately, since it could not be transported, the house had to be demolished, a week after it was finished. What a sad ending! And what a disappointment for the volunteers who worked hard, including men, women, children and tourists. No way.


How’s it going? 😀

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