Japan in winter: what to see or do and other tips

Although there are many who prefer to travel to Japan during the spring, this time we want to show you many of the advantages of traveling to Japan in winter, from visiting its temples on New Year’s Day or strolling through its illuminated streets to trying some of the most typical hot dishes.

What to see in Japan in winter

Among the most typical of winter in Japan we found the opportunity to see and photograph the monkeys of Jigokudani in Nagano. These usually gather to bathe around the hot springs.

In addition, if what we are looking for is to avoid the large agglomerations of cities, We also recommend you visit the traditional village of Shirakawago. Here, the traditional houses are completely covered in snow and illuminated to create a unique landscape. Other typical pictures of this season are the famous five lakes around Mount Fuji.

Nor should we miss the opportunity to travel to Sapporo to visit the well-known Snow Festival, which is celebrated during the month of February. It exhibits spectacular sculptures made and carved from ice and snow.

Another important event during winter is the birthday of the Emperor of Japan. Coinciding with the date of his birth, we will have the unique opportunity to visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace. The entry is completely free.

What to do in Japan in winter

Though there is a wide range of activities during the winterwe wanted to highlight below some of the most popular and typical of the country.

Stroll under the Christmas lights

Although Christmas is not one of the most popular celebrations among the Japanese, they are quite meticulous and spectacular with the decoration and lighting of the streets of the big cities. As expected, the most spectacular are in the center of the capital, in Tokyo.

Make the first traditional visit of the year to a shrine

Visiting a shrine in early January to pray for good luck for the coming year is called Hatsumode. In addition, also it is tradition to change last year’s amulets for a new one for the coming year. Among the most visited at the end of the year are the Meiji Jingu Shrine and the Asakusa Sensoji Temple.

Spending time at a Christmas market

We will also have the opportunity to visit the typical Christmas markets. The one in Yokohama stands out. This is set up around the area known as the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, in the historic center of the city. Here we can get artisanal and typical products at a good price.

practice winter sports

For sports lovers, we recommend visiting Nagano, Niigata or Hokkaido. In addition to having some of the highest peaks in the country, these prefectures offer the opportunity to practice sports such as skiing or climbing. In addition, we will be able to make routes of trekking surrounded by the bucolic landscape of the high Japanese mountains.

Tips to enjoy Japan in winter

If we have finally decided to travel to Japan in winter, We must know that it is quite cold, so it is better to wear warm clothes. For this reason, it is essential to carry a scarf and gloves and even earmuffs or hats in your suitcase. And don’t forget down jackets and coats.

In addition, we must be careful with sudden changes in temperature, since many shopping centers and premises have quite high heating. Another very good option to warm up is to have a good plate of hot food. We recommend you take the opportunity to try classic dishes such as odenthe ramen or the kare raisu.

Similarly, traveling to Japan during the winter is one of the best options if we want to save money. In fact, both flights to the country and accommodation are much cheaper. Of course, we must not forget that if we want to travel on marked dates such as Christmas or New Year, the price will skyrocket.

We will have the opportunity to travel on the bullet train and other means of transport for a lower price and with much more space.

Another benefit that we will have if we travel to Japan during these dates is that we can visit and walk around the country avoiding the typical crowds of people, more typical of dates such as autumn or spring.

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