Kapse Klopse Festival tradition in Cape Town South Africa

Every year, on January 2, the Kapse Klopse festival takes place, an appointment to enjoy music and dance in Cape Town in South Africa.

South Africa allows all tourists to enjoy new experiences throughout their vacations, a country where the sun and beach tourism It is one of the alternatives along with cultural tourism. In Cape Town many travelers have the chance to learn about different events and festivals that take place every year.

One of the upcoming events that is already being prepared to accommodate the presence of tourists is the Kaapse Klopse Festival, one of the highlights at the beginning of the year. It is part of the local culture and is celebrated every January 2, an appointment that is prepared long in advance.

It is interesting to keep in mind that it is a festival that has been celebrated since colonial times, specifically it has been celebrated since 1890 and it has become one of the most interesting events for tourists who come to Cape Town and for the citizens themselves, since it is a unique experience.

meet the festival

This festival is celebrated every January 2 with many activities in the streets of the city, allowing children and adults to enjoy different parades, traditional music, typical dancesall wrapped in a very good atmosphere that is maintained throughout the day that is well worth knowing.

All activities are fully freewhich allows anyone to enjoy this festival, which is also known by the name of Twede Nuwe Jarr and at first it was a festival that symbolized the freedom of the people of Cape Town after the abolition of slavery in 1834.

For South Africa the traditional music and the dances are very important and that is why this festival has so much meaning. Every year many tourists tend to come to Cape Town to see this event up close and start the new year in a different way. It is really highly recommended to get out of the routine and get to know a very attractive and special festival.

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