Kattenkabinet, the museum dedicated to cats in Amsterdam

This museum, dedicated to the memory of the cat John Pierpont Morgan, to whom its owner dedicated this collection of works of art with cats, present in all

we know there is many really curious museums throughout the world, which are out of the ordinary and where we may see paintings and other artistic works as in other museums, but with the most curious themes. Yes, in Spain we have places like the Museo de los Urinales, but there are many more. In Amsterdam, a city that is quite curious and always surprising, we find a museum dedicated to cats, the kattenkabinet.

It is not a place where you can see breeds of cats and traditional scenes of these cats so present in our cities. It is a museum where you can find works of art in which cats are protagonists or appear prominently. Paintings, sculptures, posters and other forms of artistic expression in which the cat is present.

This museum located in a mansion in Amsterdam contains a wide variety of works of art with cats as protagonistsThe kattenkabinet It is located in a 17th century mansion, on the banks of the herengrach canal. In this house lived Bob Mejier, who had a cat named Morgan who he gave gifts on his birthday. Once they even gave him a painting by Ansel Sandberg. At the age of ten Morgan was modeled for a statue and at fifteen he received a replica of a US dollar in which the president who appeared on the bill was replaced by Morgan himself and the legend «In God We Trust» was replaced by «In no dog we trust«.

The museum is divided into five rooms, who are interested in themselves. These are the main room, the dance room, a music room, the Mechel room and a library. In each of the rooms there are decorative elements from previous centuries, where you can see these works of art featuring felines from all over the world. And, of course, interact with the cats that live in this museum, which are not few.

The entrance price is 5 eurosalthough children up to 12 years old pay only 2.5 euro. Children under four years of age enter for free, and can find a museum dedicated entirely to the catsfaithful companions (more or less) of millions of people around the world.

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