Key West in Florida: a beautiful place

Key West is much more than a beautiful place in Florida, as we say in the title, It is the southernmost point in the entire United States.. So just for that geographical landmark it deserves recognition.

But besides that, the place has endless attractionsboth natural and cultural. Do you dare to discover them with us?

Key West or Key West

This place is known both by its name in Spanish and by its denomination in English. However, it was originally Key West, a place name because the first settlers who arrived here found countless bones. This word later evolved into the term west by sound affinity.

However, despite that origin of the name and having been a place where pirates or treasure hunters have passed through for a long time, it is not dangerous at all today. Quite the opposite! It is one of those destinations in the state of Florida where tranquility, good weather and water sports dominate the passing of the days.

At the end of the Florida Keys

Key West is the last of the Florida Keys. These are a succession of islands, one after another, that serve as a separation between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, whose waters eventually merge with the Caribbean.

All these islands are linked by an incredible highway full of bridges. Some, like the Seven Mile Bridge, are among the most beautiful in the world.

If we start this road in Miami, the quintessential Florida city, we will have to travel 250 spectacular kilometers until we reach Key West to the south, so far south that Cuba is closer, the famous 90 miles of rafters.

What to see in Key West

If the question were what to do in Key West, We would tell you about its spectacular tropical beach of Fort Taylor Beach. It is a place to rest in the sun or undertake countless water sports, from sailing to snorkeling.

Also, excursions can be made to watch dolphins. However, we want to stay in the small town and tell you what to see on this island:

1. Hemingway Museum

Let’s start by mentioning one of the most illustrious visitors to the place: the writer Ernest Hemingway who spent 10 years here enjoying the weather, the fishing and the local bars. In the house he occupied today there is a museum in his honor. A must see in Key West.

2. Duval Street

It is the busiest and liveliest street in Key West. A good selection of shops, restaurants and bars awaits you here. There are even some that are still maintained from the time of the writer and that proudly show images of the famous writer.

3. Mallory Square

Before going to dinner at the restaurants on Duval Street, you have to go to Mallory Square. Actually, almost all travelers who spend a few days on vacation will be there. And it is that from that place you can contemplate one of the most famous sunsets and also the most beautiful in the entire United States.

4. Little White House

For you to check that there are more illustrious characters related to Key Westwe want to talk to you about Little White House, ‘the little White House’, alluding to the famous presidential building in Washington DC.

This house was owned by President Truman and still today it has a protocol use at certain times. However, most of the time it is a museum that you can visit during your stay.

5. Key West Lighthouse and Southernmost Point

Key West is completely flat and relatively small, so to get around it is a good idea to rent a city bike. This way we will get some exercise and we will be able to get to the old Key West lighthouse, transformed into a museum, in a very pleasant way.

Also we can go to the vicinity of Southernmost Pointthe southernmost site in the country, which is actually a buoy that is constantly battered by the waves.

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