Killarney Glen, the heart-shaped waterfall

Today in Mi Viaje we want to bring you closer to one of the most curious waterfalls in the world. Located in Australia, in the Canungra region, the Killarney Glen waterfall, also known as Love Heart Watterfallhas become a trending place in this last year.

This destination is not only a good excuse to take pictures with your loved one, it is also a challenge for those who love to make spectacular jumps. The emerald color of its waters together with its heart shape make Killarney Glen a must see.

Killarney Glen, the lake in the shape of a heart

Between the cities of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, in the Canungra region, is Love Heart Wattefall. This waterfall has a natural pool carved into the rock with a curious heart shape. The Killarney Glen is also within a national park.

In fact, the history of this national park begins as part of the land of the well-known Fitzgerald family.. It would not be until the 1970s that the country’s government claimed the land as part of the national territory. Already in the year 2000, the national park was opened to the public.

Nevertheless, the Australian government is currently considering closing the doors to the public to conserve the natural environment. Although it is possible that another reason for this decision is that the waterfall is close to a military training center, and they fear that tourists will enter the camp.

Visiting Killarney Glen Waterfall

Although we must be provided with food and water to visit the waterfall and spend the whole day, the visit begins in the town of Lower Beechmont, where we can make a short stop not only to have a drink, but also to buy some items in its stores. In the town we can also get a small map of the area.

The tour begins at the highest point of the mountain, where the waterfall is located, and we will go down a zigzag path until we reach it. Although the first impression is that it is quite steep, going down is actually quite easy.

From the point of departure to reach our destination it will take around 35 minutes on foot. Once at the waterfall, the first thing we want to do is immortalize the place by taking a good photograph.

To get to the waterfall from the area below, we will only have to follow the course of the river. We also recommend this path because the views are impressive.

Near the lake there are small clearings where we can camp to lie down next to it, eat with the rest of the tourists and enjoy the hours of sunshine before returning. Jumping from the top of the waterfall until falling into the lake is one of the favorite activities of its visitorsnaturally.

Of course, we must be prepared to end up exhausted after the end of the day, between the times we spend enjoying the lake and the walks in the area. Hence, many travelers choose to get accommodation in Lower Beechmont for a day to continue traveling around Australia.

Useful tips for the visit

The only way to get to Killarney Glen waterfall is with your own vehicle, since there are no bus lines. Perhaps, in time, they will implement one, since it has attracted hundreds of foreign tourists.

To get to the route that will take us to the waterfall, we must travel to a small town called Lower Beechmont. From here, we will cross the town following the main road until we reach a roundabout; in which we will take the penultimate exit.

Finally, after less than 10 minutes behind the wheel, we will find a sign indicating our destination. Luckily, there is a small parking area. We recommend bringing everything you need to get through the day, from sunscreen, towels and sports shoes, to drinks and food. The entrance to the waterfall is completely free.

Also, to enjoy the visit even more, many prefer to travel to Killarney Glenn during the low season, between the months of April and September. The weather will be more pleasant, unless we look for the heat to cool off in the waters of the lake.

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