Krasnodar will offer free excursions during the World Cup

The Krasnodar region will be promoted with free excursions during the World Cup.

In a few months we will have Russia World Cup 2018, one of the biggest football events that will allow Russia to attract many tourists from all corners of the world. That is why the different participating cities are preparing their infrastructure and want to offer alternatives for visitors who arrive during the summer.

Krasnodar region will offer free excursions for touristsThe Krasnodar region in the south of Russia has just announced a series of options so that tourists traveling for the World Cup can enjoy this area. Let’s remember that this is a very interesting area that will host different matches in big cities like Sochi, which is the most popular in the area.

It is a region in which different teams will settle during their stay in Russia as is the case of the Spanish team, that of Brazil and Poland. This will allow this area to have a lot of prominence during the months of June and July.

It is interesting to note that free alternatives will be offered so that tourists can get to know the best corners of the region and can go to the Tourist festival Ancient Heritage of Russia. It is an idea that surely can be carried out in other regions of the Russian country for the world to promote the tourism sector.

What is intended to do is to present the best natural and cultural charms of this region, so that the Russian tourism sector can benefit greatly during the World Cup and tourists are delighted after their vacations and can take advantage of the trip so that their stay is very complete and they are delighted after their visit.

In the city of Sochi, different matches of the first phase of the World Cup will be played, as well as a round of 16 match and a quarterfinal match. These alternatives are aimed at both Russians and foreign tourists who wish to make a nice trip as a couple or as a family.

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