Lake Vouliagmeni, a treasure near Athens

Located just 20 kilometers south of Athens, Lake Vouliagmeni is one of Greece’s most renowned thermal wonders. A place of singular beauty, perfect to relax and enjoy its waters for a few hours. Do you want to know more about him? So pay attention.

How Lake Vouliagmeni came about

Millions of years ago, where today the lake is located there was a cave with hot springs. The humidity and high temperatures of these waters caused the roof of the cave to collapse, revealing the wonderful view it has today.

Aerial view of the lake

The lower part of the lake hides an underwater cave formed by 14 tunnels. Although it has not been investigated or explored to the end, it is currently believed to hide the longest tunnel in the world, or at least it is among the longest.


The waters of the lake come both from the sea and from thermal springs in the area. Therefore, the salinity index is not very high.

The waters of Lake Vouliagmeni

Its waters maintain a temperature between 22 and 29 degrees. This allows you to enjoy the lake throughout the year. In addition, these waters, both those that come from the sea and those that come from the thermal springs, are continually renewed.

Lake Vouliagmeni – Vasileios Gkinopoulos /

The therapeutic qualities of these waters make many people with physical ailments come to the lake to treat their illnesses and pain. Due to its richness in minerals and its temperature, the lake water helps to alleviate bone, dermatological and gynecological problems.

But beyond the therapeutic qualities of the waters, this is a place that can be enjoyed in other ways. In fact, you have to look at the beauty of the lake environment and in the various recreational activities that can be carried out in its surroundings.

This lake was declared a natural monument several years ago. And in a space with so much nature, a very curious fauna and flora develop. For example, within this lake a species of sea anemone develops that has not been found anywhere else.

Facts you should know before going

Lake Vouliagmeni is, as we anticipated, very close to Athens. From the Greek capital it takes half an hour by caralthough it can also be reached by bus.

Price of admission

Lake Voluagmeni – Christos Vassiliou /

Such is the fame and the influx of people who come to spend a day at the lake, that some time ago it was decided that an entrance fee would be paid. Prices vary according to the day of the week and the age of the visitors:

  • Adults: from Monday to Friday the ticket costs 12 euros. On weekends and holidays it costs 15 euros.
  • Children between 5 and 12 years old: every day of the week the price is 6 euros. Children under 5 years old do not pay entrance.
  • Students with card: there is a reduced price for them. From Monday to Friday the ticket price is 9 euros. On weekends and holidays you have to pay 12 euros.

Services offered by the complex

Lake Vouliagmeni not only has a thermal space, but you can enjoy and use during the time of your stay the other services offered. They are services such as a cafeteria, changing rooms, a restaurant (you can eat there without having to pay the entrance fee to the complex) or a playground.

opening hours

The opening hours vary depending on the time of year and, more specifically, the hours of sunshine. Therefore, the opening is made when the sun rises, at dawn, and closes when it gets dark. Check the schedules before you go so that you can enjoy the space as much as possible.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that this lake is open to the public throughout the year. As we pointed out, the temperature of the water does not vary, so you can enjoy this place regardless of the date of your trip to Athens.

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