Life on the streets of Tiong Bahru in Singapore

At the time of its construction, in the 1950s, the Tiong Bahru neighborhood represented a true renewal for residential buildings in Singapore. And now, in the XXI century, has become one of the most creatively vibrant neighborhoods in the city-state. Something that is largely due to its own urban configuration.

Where is Tiong Bahri?

Before telling you what awaits you in the Singaporean neighborhood of Tiong Bahru, we are going to tell you where it is. Although it really can’t be missed, since it awaits you between two of the most visited places in the south of the island. It is very close to the colonial district of Chinatown and to the futuristic and contemporary atmosphere of the financial district.

Tiong Bahru’s appearance

Sometimes we exclusively have the most modern image of Singapore. A place with grandiose steel and glass buildings and state-of-the-art shows. But the truth is that not everything is like that in this city. Also there are older-looking neighborhoods, like Kampong Glam or the streets of Tiong Bahru, which we are going to talk about next.

Tiong Bahru began to be inhabited at the end of the 19th century. However, the aspect that we see today is due more to the growth developed in the middle of the 20th century, when Singapore was already an independent country..

So here it was decided to create a residential area, with low-rise buildings and various apartments. The vast majority of them with a mixture of a style art deco more ornamental and the principles based on the functionality of the international style.

The atmosphere of the neighborhood

The result is friendly looking constructions with notable common characteristics, such as the kind of porches that they create on their facades, so that the sidewalks are shaded, something very welcome in this hot and humid climate. And also on that ground floor there are many ideal spaces for the establishment of commercial premises at street level.

The vitality of Tiong Bahru

The shops, bars and restaurants that we find provide us with an ideal place to go shopping and have a drink at any time of the day or night. It’s like a big street mall that has nothing to do with the concept of other gigantic shopping centers around the world.

In Tiong Bahru everything is a little more human, less grandiose, but much more authentic. Do not look for big chains or well-known brands. In fact, many of those places they have become the go-to outlet for Singapore’s most enterprising designers and from different areas of creation.


Here you can find everything from clothing creators to illustrators, passing through decorative elements or crafts of all kinds.

But Another note that draws attention when touring the neighborhood is the wide range of restaurants What’s on these streets? There are numerous cafes offering the best coffees gourmet of the world. It must be remembered that in Singapore there is true adoration towards this drink.

Equally, you can choose between charming restaurants with all kinds of flavors, from local to international gastronomy, passing through the most surprising and unexpected culinary fusions.

Stroll, shop and eat in the neighborhood

For all these reasons, we said at the beginning that In this neighbourhood, life takes place on the street. At Tiong Bahru we stroll through streets that are not scenery, buy authentic Singaporean products and eat dishes that we cannot taste anywhere else in the city and sometimes in any other corner of the world.

So despite its appearance, aesthetically very far from the great skyscrapers or the famous Marina Bay Sands, many consider that the trendiest neighborhood in Singapore is actually Tiong Bahru.

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