Limerick, an emerging destination in Ireland

It is one of the cities that receives more and more tourists in Ireland, and the truth is that any visitor who comes to Limerick discovers a fascinating city, with a history full of interesting episodes They have also bequeathed an outstanding artistic heritage. But besides that, limerick it is also interesting for lovers of literary tourism. And as if that were not enough, its surroundings are of great interest.

How easy it is to get to Limerick!

The main reason for the huge increase in tourism in Limerick is the extraordinary proximity to Shannon airport, to which many flights of low cost companies arrive. In addition, the trip to Limerick can also be easily done by train from the big Irish cities of Dublin or Cork.

A piece of Irish history

Cathedral – VladoYeah

A trip to Limerick allows you to discover much of the peculiar history of Ireland, since here you can trace the traces of very relevant events in past centuries. For example, Limerick is a Viking foundationsince these settlers from Scandinavia would settle here at the beginning of the 9th century.

Later, around the 12th century, the Normans would appear in Limerick, to whom we owe the presence of two of the city’s most emblematic monuments, such as King John’s castle or Santa Maria Cathedral. And precisely toHere some of the key treaties for the English occupation of Ireland were signedduring the seventeenth century.

Limerick’s heritage

King John’s Castle by Patryk Kosmider

We have already mentioned the two great monuments of Limerick. First, King John’s castle, traces its origins to the early 13th century, when it was built to embody Norman rule on the site. Today it can be visited, and above all it is worth going up to its towers to contemplate the entire city and the river Shannon from above.

And refering to the Cathedral of Santa María, is a little earlier, being founded in 1168, replacing a palace that was on this same site, and from which several elements were used. The visit to the temple is interesting, and it is also very inspiring to walk the cobblestone path lined with crosses that leads to the nearby cemetery.

More interesting places in Limerick

Church of St. John – Patryk Kosmider

Other very attractive places in the Irish city is its traditional open-air market, the Milk Market, originated in the 19th century and that continues to be a meeting and shopping point every weekend. So we recommend you go to him on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning.

Also the visit to Limerick has to take you to the Plaza de San Juan, opened in the 18th century and where the church rises with the invocation of that saint. A church that has the tallest tower in Ireland.

And in addition to walking, if the day is good, also We recommend you embark on a river walk along the river Shannon, to enjoy a different view of the city.

Angela’s ashes


In the late 1990s, the book Angela’s ashesan autobiographical memoir by its author Frank McCourt that recounts how his family of emigrants decided to return from New York to his homeland Limerick. This novel received several awards.the affection of the public and soon a film was made with its argument.

Well, this story and the subsequent film have also helped to place Limerick on the map, and many have wanted to know it for that reason. In fact, there are routes through the city that pass through the scenarios mentioned in this best seller.


“They may be poor, their shoes may be in tatters, but their brains are palaces.”

Angela’s ashesFrank McCourt –

Adare, very close to Limerick

The growing hotel offer in Limerick makes it an ideal place to stay for several days and from there discover its surroundings. And of course if you do that, you have to go to Adare, a small village located about 20 kilometers from the cityand that for many is the most beautiful town in all of Ireland.

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