Logroño and the essential places to discover

Logroño is a destination in La Rioja that offers us a series of unique attractions to enjoy a getaway and get to know the cultural heritage on vacation.

In the north of Spain we have a series of outstanding places that deserve our attention. One of them is the city of logronoone of the classics to enjoy cultural and gastronomic getaways that we must keep in mind when preparing our next trip for the summer holidays.

One of the options is to know the famous Co-Cathedral of Santa María La Redonda, an emblematic building that tourists like. It dates from the 16th century and one of the curiosities is due to the fact that it has twin towers when in reality one is taller than the other, a characteristic that sets it apart in this area of ​​Spain that La Rioja Turismo invites us to discover.

Highly recommended is to enjoy an area known as the spur, an excellent place to enjoy green landscapes and that is really old since it dates from the 19th century. Among the artistic elements of the area, it is important to highlight the equestrian statue of the General Baldomero Espartero and in the shell of the Espolón is where you can enjoy music concerts and different cultural events.

without a doubt the Imperial Church of Santa María de Palacio It is another of the important buildings. Originally dating from the 12th century, the spire can be seen from a distance and is one of the landmarks of the religious architecture of Logroño. The visit to the Saint James Church It is also a good recommendation for tourists to spend a really interesting stay in Logroño.

One of the emblematic icons is the Stone bridge that we are in the city, which crosses the Ebro river, also popularly known as San Juan de Ortega bridge. Another of Logroño’s bridges is the Iron bridgea work carried out by the engineer Fermín Manso de Zúñiga and dates from 1982, so it has many years of history.

If you like good wine, you should not miss out on a visit to the Vivanco Wineries since it is one of the most important in the area, also know the Wine Culture Museum. This museum is interesting to learn more about the world of wine, the collection of vine varieties from around the world in the bacchus garden and get to know its different permanent and temporary exhibition halls.

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