Los Cristales beach in Laxe, Galicia

In the farthest part of Punta de Cruziña, in the middle of the Costa da Morte in A Coruña, we have one of the smallest and most outstanding beaches of the wide variety of the country. It is the Playa de los Cristales, a narrow bay where tranquility reigns together with the gentle sea breeze, resulting in a unique and pleasant atmosphere. Its crystals are the unique hallmark of one of the most recommended and worth visiting places. Especially because of its environment and the particularity that the sand is not the main element, but the crystals. Indeed, they are tiny picturesque pieces full of details, which seem to have been sculpted by the sea itself. For this reason, we want you to meet her here at El Viajero Feliz.

History of Playa de los Cristales

Due to the peculiarity of its coast, Many people wonder how Playa de los Cristales was formed. A lot has to do with the human being and his tendency to destroy what belongs to nature. Who would say that the constant pollution and tons of waste would end up being the hallmark of a beach. However, nature itself has sought a way to integrate these elements and recover what has always belonged to it, transforming it into a true spectacle.

Contrary to what many people think, the origin of Playa de los Cristales is not that old. Although the cove was probably already a natural and virgin beach, it has now been transformed into a small bay whose main characteristic is the pieces of glass that have been thrown into the sea. The formation is due to the proximity of an old crystal dump, where the sea was in charge of housing all the containers that would no longer be used.

However, they did not count on the magic of nature and the ability of the sea to return everything that does not belong to it. In essence, all of this glass went back to shore, but with the particularity of being small beautiful stones that are worth visiting. Over time, the pieces of glass have been perfected, and now lie inert on the ground, forming an extensive layer of precious crystals that play the role of sand.

Where is Playa de los Cristales?

How to get

Crystals beach is very close to the small town of Lage (Laxe), a municipality in A Coruña, in Spain, where maritime life has predominated throughout its history. The Costa da Morte stands out for offering great viewpoints with panoramic views of landscapes full of beauty, made up of cliffs and coastal areas worthy of a tourist visit.

For its part, the small cove is located in the opposite direction of the same town. In other words, you should head towards Punta de Cruziña, where on the way there are a wide variety of viewpoints that are worth the stop. Later, Playa de los Cristales is located a few meters from the stone of loversanother site that is worth knowing and that is well known in the area.

As can be seen, the visit to Los Cristales beach is not a unique attraction. Indeed, there are many more areas of interest along the way that will make your trip a magical experience. Above all, with the natural areas that abound, where you can capture truly unforgettable moments. Therefore, do not let your phone discharge to take all possible photos.

How to get to Playa de los Cristales?

Where is it

Getting to Los Cristales beach is not as difficult as you might think. However, a series of recommendations must be kept in mind to avoid getting lost. We must also bear in mind that the path will be different depending on where we start.

  • Leaving from Santiago. You must take the road towards Santa Comba until you reach the AC-404. You must always follow the road signs in the direction of Laxe, so the arrival is not lost.
  • Leaving from A Coruña. AG-55 will be the main road. We must continue all the way until we see exit 60, which will signal the exit to the town of Laxe.
  • Leaving from Lugo. In the event that the trip starts from the outskirts of Lugo, you have to go to Coruña through the A-6. After traveling about 90 kilometres, you will have to continue along the AG-55 towards Carballo until you see the Laxe exit.

Luckily, the road signs to get to the town of Laxe are quite simple. Also, thanks to its proximity to more populated areas and larger cities, it will not be so difficult to find this small town full of magic. Then, once located in the town, the indications will be more marked to take you to Los Cristales beach without any inconvenience.

What to see near Laxe?

What to see in Laxé

Laxe’s location, in the middle of the Costa da Morte, offers several attractions that are also worth visiting. Some of the most frequented are the following.

Bergantinos cabin

In the municipality, a visit to the Dolmen de Dombate is essential. Thanks to the immensity of its size, It is considered the cathedral of megalithism Galician. After knowing it, you can approach the restored and preserved Castro de Borneiro, one of the most outstanding attractions of Costa da Morte. You can complement your visit by taking a bath at Rebordelo Beach, and end the day at Banco dos Picotiños, an ideal spot to take photos due to the views it offers of the Ría de Corme e Laxe and the mouth of the Anllóns river.


Camelle, belonging to the municipality of Camariñas, has several interesting points to visit. In addition to Los Cristales beach, you can take a walk through the port of Camelle and its beach. What you can’t miss is discovering the Alemán Museum and House, where you can learn about the history of Man, a very particular character. You can complement your visit with a tour of the small town of Arou and take a coastal walk from Arou to Camelle, or vice versa.


One of the essential places to see in Ponteceso is Balarés beach. It is one of the most beautiful of Costa da Morte, and nearby you can also see the port of Comer Porto. Here the best barnacles in the world are sold, while you can see in the distance the Roncudo Lighthouse, brother of the Laxe Lighthouse.

As you can see, Your visit to Playa de los Cristales can be part of a set of tours through the wonderful town of Laxe. In this way, you will be able to learn more about the history of one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, while you discover its magical corners. Tell us what you think in the comments!