Madison Avenue: the famous advertising street

The famous Madison Avenue —Madison Avenue in English- It is an amazing street that has earned its fame for several reasons, but above all for being the avenue where there has been a tremendous boom advertising.

What do you know about Madison Avenue? Surely you heard about her, since It is one of the most famous streets in America. Find out below some interesting facts about it, what you can visit and, of course, why advertising has made it so well known.

Get to know Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue is located in the neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York. It is more than nine kilometers long and is one-way, stretching from north to south through the neighborhoods of Midtown, Upper East Side and Harlem.

Its name is in honor of James Madison, fourth president of the United States, and extends from Madison Square Park —at the height of 23rd Street— to the Madison Avenue Bridge, at 138th Street.

Madison Avenue is a street known for its top brand stores, for its attractions and for being the one that has seen the development of the big advertising business.

Madison Avenue: the famous advertising street

During the 20th century, advertising has found its place in the world. By 1920, Madison Avenue was becoming associated with it, as numerous agencies established themselves there and, During the 1950s and 1960s, Madison Avenue witnessed the boom advertising.

The Golden Age of Advertising came thanks to the millions of dollars that were made with this business and the creative ideas of advertisers. In addition, there was an increase in consumption after World War II, so they knew how to take advantage of it to show off and sell like never before.

Some of the advertising agencies that were part of the Golden Age of Advertising were, for example, Wunderman and Young & Rubicam. Others such as StrawberryFrog, McDonald Media, TBWA Worldwide, Tribal DDB and Rapp joined later.

Today there are a few advertising agencies left, but many have moved to other areas of the city that have been growing in recent decades. Nevertheless, the spirit of the advertising avenue remains and will always be remembered for it.

A fact of interest has to do with the television series Mad Men, that precisely shows all that advertising world that has taken place in New York during the sixties. Don Draper, the series’ protagonist, struggles to stay on top of the pack at the Sterling Cooper Agency offices, where the climate is very high-pressure.

Ideas that have changed the world of advertising

When we talk about a boom, it is because something important has happened, an ‘explosion’ that led to such a thing to success. In this case, has been given a boom in advertising for ideas that have changed the world and by people in the field who have contributed something unique or different.

Advertisers such as Rosser Reeves have stood out, whose fundamental principles were to thoroughly analyze the products, highlight a single quality and repeat the message so that it reaches the public; and David Ogilvy, remembered as “The King of Madison Avenue» and that it has had Shell and Rolls-Roice as clients.

Women played a prominent role in those decades. She was no longer shown with the typical products of the house, but we could also see her smoking or driving like men. Something a little more questionable —as we see it in our time— is to see it as an object of desire and seduction to obtain sales, which has also been widely used.

Whether today we see some things as good, bad, questionable at some point or even not very creative, it is true that the fifties and sixties have revolutionized the world of advertising. New ideas were established and their success was resounding. We could say that those agencies have created a strong foundation for advertising.

What to see on Madison Avenue

Leaving advertising aside a little, we tell you that Madison Avenue has other attractions that are worth knowing, As the Madison Square Parkthe Madison Square Gardenthe Piermont Morgan Library and boutiques or top brand stores.

  • Madison Square Park: it is a public green area that contains sculptures, beautiful views and even a dog-walking area. It is ideal for walking, relaxing and spending time with family or friends.
  • Madison Square Garden: opened in 1968, it is a well-known multipurpose sports stadium. It is the most important in New York and known worldwide, especially by boxing lovers. In addition, very important artists have left their mark on the Madison Square Garden.
  • The Piermont Morgan Library: the Piermont Morgan Library is a museum and research library for the city. It is a charming building that houses literary and musical gems, as well as numerous ancient pieces from the history of art. If you are a lover of reading, music and history, you should not miss this place.
  • Boutiques and stores: On Madison Avenue there are also high-end shops and restaurants. Mainly between streets 57 to 85, we can find stores or boutiques of recognized brands such as Gucci, Armani, Christian Dior, Prada, among others.

Travel to the heart of advertising

Advertising is what we see daily in our daily lives and that comes to us in different ways; just as everything has an origin, so does advertising. Get to know Madison Avenue in New York, where a famous boom advertising.

In addition, we know that there is always much more to see. That’s why, We recommend you visit the main attractions of this famous avenue and other interesting sites in New York City.

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