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madness in the name of love

Love can upset people lead them to do the unthinkable. And since they say that in love and war all is fair, look at the stories that love has brought to a new level.


1) Make someone lifeless queen

It’s the tragic love of the king Peter I of Portugal, who he fell in love with inesthe lady-in-waiting of his second wife, and with whom secretly married. When his father, Alfonso IV discovered it he had Inés killed to foil her son’s plans to make her queen. When Peter I He realized declared war on him to your father. Although they reconciled when Alfonso IV died, Peter I succeeded him on the throne, announced their secret marriage and crowned the corpse of Inés. But the story does not end there because the body was adorned with royal clothing and seated on the throne; everybody the nobles were forced to pay homage to her as queen of Portugal, and they had to kiss his hand as a sign of fidelity and vassalage.

2) Go down to hell


Obviously it wasn’t literal, but the Italian poet Dante Alighieri wrote the ‘Divine Comedy’, dedicated to his crush, Beatrice Portinari. He never exchanged a word with her but in his work he was able to go through hell and purgatory looking for his beloved.

3) Break up with the sponsor

The worst part of the case is that he left his wife and children for leave with his dear Mary. For this he almost went to ruin, his patron and publisher, philosopher William Goodwin, He withdrew his financial support and society criticized him mercilessly.

4) Put yourself in danger of death

Queen Elizabeth I’s loverWalterRaleigh, fell in love with a young woman named Sarah. This filled the queen with jealousy. he almost ordered him to cut off his headIn the end, he locked him in the Tower of London and later forgave him.

5) Write about 700 love letters


The writer Mark Twain had to write a daily letter for 2 years to conquer his wife Livy. And it is that he fell in love with her at first sight of her but was rejected, then she promised to write him a daily love letter until he changed his mind. And 2 years passed before receiving the ‘yes’.

6) Abdicate the throne

Since his love was not accepted Edward VIII from England he doesn’t care resign, in 1936, the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcée. In fact, he was the first and last to renounce the crown in the history of his country.

7) Build a ladder with your hands


Love does not respect ages and it is that in 1940, Lui Goujiang, 19, fell in love with a somewhat older widow. Turns out she wanted it too and they eloped together to live in a cave. For the comfort of your loved one Lui built a staircase with 1,500 steps by hand. so that he could get out of the grotto and down the side of the mountain.

8) Desecrate a grave

Carl von Cosel, a German doctor living in Florida, fell in love with one of his patients, María Helena Milagro-Hoyos. But this one she died of tuberculosis. But the doctor’s obsession was such that after Maria’s death in 1933, stole the corpse and lived with the mummified body until 1940.

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