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Mark Boyle: The Man Who Left Everything

Reading a 20 Minutes blog, I came across the story of Mark Boyle, a man fed up with a lifestyle typical of the city and the plague of consumerism, as some say, this plague is devouring us, destroying us and our money that we earn with so much sacrifice and that goes away faster than water.

mark boyle

With this in his head, Mark decided to leave everything, and this is what I mean with his job, his house and even with his 26-year-old girlfriend who was not ready or willing for this lifestyle. The man was a successful businessman with plans for the future and a good bank account, but faced with endless bills and work stress, he made such a drastic decision, adopting a more than simple lifestyle, I would say precarious.

Now thirty years old, many tabloids and websites talk about how he has managed to survive without any money for a whole year. He expresses how he feels: «He is being fantastic. I never knew when stress and worry would bring money until I got rid of it. And in case someone wonders if he misses his life when he had money… he answers: “Stress, traffic jams, bank statements, bills… why would he miss something like that?”

But how does Mark survive?

The blog tells us that, for example, he spent his last £350 to buy a caravan with a sunroof that runs his laptop and a stove.

He also works three days a week on an organic farm near Bristol in exchange for letting him park his caravan.

He has an acre of land (4,000 m2, more or less) where he grows vegetables, mushrooms, nuts and berries.

Pick up leftovers from supermarkets and restaurants. Clothes also take it out of the trash.

How about the note? 😀

In my opinion, he is right about the problems that the love of money generates, and it is better to lead a simple life -be careful, not precarious or inhumane- rather as a proverb says: «There is nothing better than a man drinking and eating for his own sake. hard work”, another says “that money serves as protection for those who have it”. The problem here is that man has not found meaning in life, and I think that he will not find it that way…

Thank God I have found meaning in my life…

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