Matonge (Brussels) Belgium


Brusselsis one of the most plural cities and multi cultural Europe, in which inhabitants from all over the planet reside, living together in harmony for years.

Greengrocer in Matonge

clear reflection of this fusion of cultures, we find it in the district or neighborhood of Matong.

This neighborhood, with a large presence of african community mostly originating from the congo is one of the most exciting and with more color of the capital of Belgium.

Trade run by African community

Trade run by African community

The name Matonge comes from an area of kishasa , Congolese capital and given the large influx of citizens of that country residing in this area of ​​Brussels, he was baptized with this name.

with an atmosphere calmstroll through the streets, this area brings us closer to a mix of cultures European African , which are observed in the spices of supermarkets, colors of fabrics and dresses and in shops, packed with hairdressers specializing in dreadlocks hairstyles

Matongé Street

Matongé Street

The busiest area is found in the Rue Saint-Bonifacewhich leads to the square with the same name , where the church dedicated to this saint.

In this square, we can find some of the best restaurants of the city and we recommend especially the brasseries.

Church of St Boniface

Church of St Boniface

They also abound, asian restaurantssuch as Korean, Thai, Indian or Vietnamese.

The matongeis a few minutes walk from the neighborhoods of Ixelles and St-Gilles and the eu neighborhoodit is about 30 minutes walking.

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