Mauritius is a perfect place to enjoy as a couple

Mauritius Island has become one of the destinations for couples looking for tranquility and options to sunbathe and relax on vacation.

There are many romantic destinations for couples to enjoy a holidays really suggestive and one of them is Mauritius. This is a country insult that is officially known as Republic Mauritius and in recent years it has become a place where couples come to rest and enjoy the best vacations.

If you like the watersportsthen in Mauritius you will find alternatives to your liking, as is the case of surf in the different beaches of this country, as well as snorkeling, even the possibility of swimming with dolphins, an experience that is really worth taking into account.

In this romantic destination it is also interesting to have a nice catamaran ride, with which you can enjoy the best views along the route and discover really attractive areas. Recommended is the National Park of the Black River Gorgeswhere for example we can go hiking and enjoy its views from the viewpoint.

There are important buildings such as the temples of the grand bassin, an important site and where you can see different temples for Hindus, as well as having a large statue of Shiva. Traditionally, believers usually go on a pilgrimage between February and March, a very important moment and in which they meet at this site.

port louis It is another destination within Mauritius that is worth it. There are still different old buildings from the colonial era, its beautiful promenade and a lot of nightlife. It is one of the places where couples will be able to enjoy a very suggestive vacation and take advantage of their free time.

To make purchases, nothing better than going to the Bazaar or Central Market of the Capital, where a large number of souvenirs To bring memories to your family and to yourselves.

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