Maya Bay beach and the problem of mass tourism

Maya Bay beach is one of the essential places to visit in Thailand, but at the same time a headache due to mass tourism.

Throughout our planet there are places like these. that we all deserve to see at least once in life. Although, many of these places have the problem that many people see them, and that a good part of that tourism is not exactly respectful. Thus, drastic measures have to be taken as has happened with maya baya place to which access is to be temporarily closed.

Maya Bay is one of the places Most visited in Thailand. Practically everyone who ventures to visit this country writes down the name of this place in their route diary, and it is not for less because it is simply spectacular: a paradise beach, with turquoise waters and white sands and surrounded by great mountains. Without a doubt, you will have seen hundreds or thousands of photos, because as we say, there is no traveler who passes through Thailand and leaves Maya Bay behind, or there is almost none…

This beautiful place is in a group of islands called Koh Phi Phi, so to get there you have to go by boat. The most typical thing is to take an excursion in some typical wooden canoes in the area (you will have to ask about the long tail boats) and without a doubt, going to the beach and exploring the entire bay in one of these boats is the best experience, since it is how the place is best seen and enjoyed.

What is the problem with Maya Bay? Well, logically, being such a popular and visited place it is very crowded. It is said that this was not the case a few years ago, but that due to the internet and also due to the movie the beacha 2004 film with the actor Leonardo Di Caprio as the main protagonist and theoretically recorded on this beach, the popularity is such that the sand of Maya Bay is full of little people and the waters full of boats.

All this causes problems, and we are not exactly talking about problems for those tourists who were looking for tranquility and having paradise to themselves. We talk about serious environmental problemsproblems that can destroy the paradise of Maya Bay as we know it, and that force to take drastic measures such as the temporary closure of access to boats through the bay, to avoid the dcoral reef gradation and the death of the marine ecosystem. A measure that, on the other hand, is not new in the Asian country.

By the end of September, for the high season, Maya Bay will reopen normally, because it is not for nothing that tourism is one of the main sources of income in Thailand. But from July onwards, tourists will have to get to the beach by other means than usual, which will surely reduce the influx and give a breather to a place that, as much as we like it and as much as we want to know, also We must respect.

Photo 1 | Flickr – Ben and Katerine Photos
Photo 2 | Flickr – Shoufany

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