Medina Sidonia in Cádiz: heritage and gastronomy

To get to know the archaeological and gastronomic heritage of Medina Sidonia, you have to go to the region of La Janda, in the province of Cadiz. There we will walk through its deposits and taste its traditional dishes.

Archaeological heritage: Assido Caesarina

When we go up the road to Medina Sidonia we are not aware of what we are going to find when we arrive. Parking the car and starting to enjoy the views of this wonderful town in Cadiz go hand in hand. We are going to reveal what awaits you there.

1. The archaeological museum and the Roman sewers

How do we begin to know the archaeological heritage of Medina Sidonia? Heading to its archaeological museum to discover its Roman past. You should know that Assido Caesarina was a prosperous municipality in the Roman Baetica province.

Inside the museum we can walk through the more than 20 meters of Roman sewers. These are hydraulic constructions from the 1st century AD whose main function was to be the sewage system for this population.

When we enter the sewers we travel more than 2000 years back in time. Its construction is impressive, since if we look up we see some amazing barrel vaults.

While, if we look at the walls, we are overwhelmed by the large blocks of stones married with mortar. Then the question arises as to how they were able to build it so long ago, with such perfection and that even today it lasts so well preserved.

If the view stops under our feet, we see with admiration how they were able to make waterproof floors with mixtures of ceramic fragments and lime. We do not see real traces of our Roman ancestors, but surely there are so many emotional traces that the traveler can still perceive.

The Roman road and street games

Another essential place to discover the archaeological heritage of the Roman Medina is its road. When the visitor passes through a small door, he cannot imagine what he is going to find inside. It is a room not very large in size that gives us the vision of a piece of Roman street.

It reminds us, at first glance, of the Decumanus Maximus from the city of Baelo Claudia. It is built by large stone slabs and it has two sidewalks and a road wide enough for two Roman chariots to pass at the same time.

Impressively, and just like today, below the street are the sewers that collect rainwater and sewage and that go to the suburban networks that we just talked about.

One of the most striking details are the engravings on the stone slabs of the game boards located on the sidewalks. Every day, both children and adults spent time enjoying basic games that we can still play today.

Ensemble of the castle of Medina Sidonia in Cádiz

Without leaving the archaeological heritage, we arrive at the castle of Medina Sidonia. There we will be amazed with the views. We are at the highest point not only of the population, but of the entire region of La Janda. The visual control of a large part of the province of Cadiz means that this place, in addition to giving us spectacular views, is of great geostrategic interest.

As for the remains that we will find in this archaeological site, the oldest are those from the Phoenician-Punic era, specifically from the 2nd century BC. we will see the remains of a castle roman era militarythe traces of an Arab fortress and, finally, the base of a medieval castle

This shows us that during all times and cultures our ancestors have taken advantage of high areas and good visibility to settle.

The gastronomy of Medina Sidonia in Cádiz

Tourism, travel and gastronomy must always go hand in hand. For this reason, we cannot organize any visit without ending up tasting the local cuisine. The gastronomic heritage of Medina Sidonia brings us closer to knowing the past of its people through its recipes. Medina is famous for alternating restaurants, tapas bars and numerous shops located nearby.

There they will offer us all kinds of culinary delights, from meat to local stews, pork rinds, roast lamb and, above all, rice dishes combined with poultry, with game, etc. Eating in Medina is a pleasure that suits any palate and the economy of any pocket.

Medina sweets

Just as a good meal leaves us with a sweet taste, Medina Sidonia does too. There are two factories of Christmas products that during the rest of the year are reinterpreted making rich and varied cakes. The Arab tradition is present in the base of almost all desserts and sweets with the use of almonds and honey.

Medina Sidonia, in Cadiz, It has the gold badge of the most charming town in Andalusia in 2018. Are you going to stay without meeting her?

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