Mediterranean destinations to enjoy as a couple

During the autumn holidays you can visit some Mediterranean destinations and it is best to do it as a couple.

Travel around the Mediterranean is a good proposal, especially for couples to have the opportunity to enjoy its landscapes, new cities and discover the rich and varied gastronomy. With all this, we have a series of places so that everyone can choose the one they most want for the next vacation.


Malta is a Mediterranean destination, small but very interesting. It offers the possibility of visiting its typical streets, its palaces, its churches and temples. It offers couples a romantic trip throughout the year and enjoy its museums and large public gardens. It is even advisable to take a ferry ride between the islands.

You can find the location of Malta by following this link.

Bay of Kotor

In Montenegro we have the possibility to know the Bay of Kotor, an area where you can enjoy mountain landscapes that are very worthwhile. In the surroundings we have a series of very interesting towns, as is the case of Kotor and Perastwhich offer the necessary rest for its visitors.

You can find the Kotor location by following this link.


Barcelona is a very interesting destination in Spain a long the whole year. Now in autumn it is a good opportunity for couples to have the opportunity to walk its streets and discover its icons. The buildings of Antonio Gaudí, tour the old town, the classic Gothic Quarter or discover La RamblaThey are more than interesting options.

You can find the Barcelona location by following this link.


Of the recommended Mediterranean destinations we can highlight Dubrovnik, a very attractive city in Croatia that draws attention for its beautiful landscapes, its famous walls and its old town. It is a perfect place for couples to take a quiet trip, relax and know the ancient fortifications.

You can find the location of Dubrovnik by following this link.

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