Meet the best beaches in the world 2018

Get to know the best beaches in the world in 2018 according to TripAdvisor users.

Every year we can learn about some of the best beaches in the world thanks to TripAdvisor, where users usually choose those beaches that are their favorites. It is a good opportunity to take them into account when choosing a good place to spend our next vacation.

Grace Bay beach in Turks and Caicos is the best beach in the world 2018This year 2018 the beach of Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos It has been chosen by the users of this website as the best in the world, thanks to the fact that it is a paradisiacal place, it offers crystal clear waters and the possibility of being able to practice some sports and relax during the holidays at any time of the year.

In the second position we find the wonderful Baia do Sancho beach in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. It is a very attractive place for nature lovers and also the quota is limited to 400 people per day. It is a protected archipelago and offers alternatives such as snorkelingsee the corals up close and colorful fish, which are some of its attractions.

More spectacular beaches

Also as a recommendable place we find the Varadero beach in Cuba, an interesting place for couples who want to enjoy a romantic vacation. It has many hotel establishments and leisure options, as well as being able to rest and enjoy the most attractive views for all visitors.

Highly suggestive is that of Eagle Beach in Aruba, a very appetizing place where you can see giant tortoises, as well as having a spectacular climate for visitors. In the Cayman Islands Seven Mile Beach is also one of the top ten, thanks to its corals and being a good place for children.

Spain is also on the list of countries whose beaches are among the best. The La Concha beach In San Sebastián it has been the sixth in the list of the best, an accessible place, easy to find good accommodation and enjoy good views, as well as the good gastronomy of the area.

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