Meet the oldest cities of Greece

A trip to the oldest cities of Greece is a trip to the very origins of Western civilization, to the place where we can say that the essence of our society and our thought arose. So it is always a highly recommended experience for any lover of culture. We are going to talk about some cities that represent a fantastic journey through Antiquity.

If we look at the map of Greece, we will see that the current country is made up of a part of the continental territory in the extreme southeast of Europe, as well as a very long string of islands arranged in this area of ​​the Mediterranean, whose waters here have different names such as the Aegean Sea or Ionian.

Therefore, when you prepare this trip you have to know that you will have to combine the trips along the Hellenic roads with others on board a ship. It is true that some of these routes can also be done by flying, but it would be a shame not to navigate these waters so full of history and beauty.

The oldest cities in Greece


It would be almost a sin if the current capital of Greece did not appear here: Athens. It is true that it is not the oldest city in the country, but Its very long and, above all, influential history is undeniable..

Besides, is the true icon of this civilization, with places like the Parthenon on the Acropolis, the remains of the Agora or the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It is unthinkable not to take a walk in Athens if you take a trip to Greece!


Reading a little about the history of Greece, it is discovered that the very term of this country did not exist in ancient times. There was no state called Greece, nor Hellas in their language. Actually, there were endless cities, called polissome independent of each other and most of the time in conflict.

That is the case of Sparta, archenemy of Athens. This is one of the oldest cities in Greece, although today it is a modern city that still keeps archaeological sites of what it was.


As we said, our western civilization, and even the whole of humanity, owes many things to Ancient Greece. And surely the most obvious is the celebration of the Olympic Games, which were precisely conceived in the city of Olympia.

That information alone makes the visit interesting, since There, for example, a museum entirely dedicated to those competitions awaits us. with more than two millennia of history.


Long before Athens rose to prominence in the classical period, there were already highly developed cities in Greece. One of them was Mycenae, on the Peloponnese peninsula. There, between the years 1600 and 1500 a. C. the splendid Mycenaean culture took placewhich has bequeathed us a wonderful site with unique jewels such as the Lions Gate or the tomb of Atreus.

Must visit islands


Now we are not going to talk about a city in itself, but about an entire island, Crete, the largest in Greece. The Minoan culture developed there or Cretense since much earlier than in Mycenae, approximately from the fourth millennium BC. c.

Y still today you can see the wonders that were conceived at Knossosthe capital of that island where one of the most famous myths of all time arose: that of the minotaur.

Of the

Many tourists traveling to the Greek islands visit bustling Mykonos, one of the most fun and nightlife. Well, you can find time for everything and discover a tiny island very close: Delos. It is small in surface, but enormous due to its long history, mythologically originated by the god Poseidon himselfwhich would make it emerge thanks to its powerful trident.


Y We are going to end this journey through the oldest places in Greece on another beautiful island: Milo’s. A site whose occupation has been proven for centuries and whose name is known to any lover of art history.

Here was found one of the most beautiful and sensual sculptures of all time: the Venus de Milo. A wonderful work that can now be seen far from these Aegean islands, as it is in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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