Mendoza (Alava) Infantry Tower


to just 12 kilometers away from Vitoria-Gasteizwe found the small town of mendoza.

Is Alava populationis one of the great attractions that we can enjoy in the surroundings of the beautiful capital of the area.

with little more than 100 inhabitants Mendoza, is a quiet place, where things happen slowly and where the environment that accompanies it, makes this place a highly recommended point.

local church

walk through their quiet streetsis an obligation and go up to the church, which is certainly worth visiting.

But the strong point and main attraction of Mendoza, we find it in The Tower of Mendoza which is the great symbol of the population.

Surroundings of Mendoza

Surroundings of Mendoza

This construction of 13th century has received some rehabilitation and currently offers us a very good aspect of a edification more than interesting.

Image of the Infantry Tower

Image of the Infantry Tower

call too Infantry Toweris very similar to a fortress or castle and its shape quadrangular It is made up of walls and 4 towers.

Inside, we can see the Alava Heraldry Museum where we can see objects and information of great interest.

Tower of the Tower of Mendoza

Tower of the Tower of Mendoza

given his proximity to Vitoriais a good getaway from it, to be able to appreciate more closely, part of the history of a quiet town but with a great cultural heritage.

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