Mexico presented the data for 2017 at Fitur

Mexico is a good country in terms of tourism and presented in Fitur the statistics of the tourism sector for 2017.

At the tourism fair Fitur that takes place in January in Madrid, many countries have come forward to promote tourism and one of them is Mexico. The North American country continues to make progress in terms of tourism, a fundamental sector for the Mexican economy. The data for this sector that was harvested throughout the past year has been presented.

Tourism in Mexico improves and gets 39 million tourists in 2017The Tourism in mexico progresses at a truly spectacular pace, since 2017 was a good year with the presence of some 39 million foreign tourists as confirmed by the Secretary of Tourism in the capital of Spain. It is a really very good figure since it improves significantly compared to 2016 thanks to the good work done.

It is intended to continue advancing and for this purpose it wants to promote investments in order to have a tourism sector stronger with new hotels and it is also intended to improve tourism promotion to reach a greater number of potential visitors.

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The presence of visitors from Spain continues to grow, a very important European market that is helping tourism to continue to grow. Precisely the arrival of tourists from Europe It has grown by 34% throughout the whole of last year, which is a very interesting figure, in addition to a 97% growth in terms of tourist arrivals from South America and a 127% increase in Asian travelers.

Certainly the moment that goes through Mexico It is spectacular thanks to the variety of incentives. Discovering some of the Magical Towns to enjoy with their traditions and historical heritage is a good incentive, along with the spectacular beaches of places like the Riviera Maya.

Both couples and families find many proposals to enjoy a trip as pleasant as possible. In addition to knowing the Mayan ruins, the sun and beach tourismalso promoting cruise tourism is another of the alternatives that are managed by the authorities of the Mexican country to advance in this matter in the coming years.

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