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Mona Lisa’s smile… no longer a mystery

One of the most controversial mysteries of the Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci is her controversial smile. In fact, many people see mixed feelings in her, so it is difficult for them to determine if she is actually smiling or not. The good news is that neuroscientists at the Institute of Neurosciences in Alicante, Spain, have given an answer so that the Mona Lisa’s smile will no longer be a mystery.

As neuroscientists explain, the problem lies in the many visual channels responsible for analyzing the size, clarity, brightness and location of different objects. Thus, in the case of the Mona Lisa, it depends on the channel that first sends the information to our brain, that is, some channels will see a smile, while others will not.

Luis Martinez Otero, a neuroscientist at the Institute explained it like this:

Sometimes one channel beats the other and we see a smile. Sometimes others beat him and we don’t see a smile.

The curious thing here is not what happens with our brain and its visual channels or the expression of the painting, but rather that Leonardo Da Vinci intended to achieve that effect. In fact in one of his notebooks it revealed that he was trying to paint dynamic expressions because that is what he saw daily on the street.

Source: New Science

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