Monachil, a spectacular town in Granada

Monachil is one of the most incredible towns in the province of Granada. Its history is spectacular, its monuments are authentic and its culture is exceptional. In addition, the Sierra Nevada ski resort belongs to it, a luxury near Granada and the Costa Tropical.

Some facts about Monachil

As we have already said, Monachil is very close to the capital of the province, since it is only about eight kilometers from the center of Granada. Archaeological sites, gastronomy with ancestral roots and a wonderful natural environment await you here.

Routes through Sierra Nevada depart from it like that of Los Cahorros and in its municipal area is Pradollano. This is the place where the Sierra Nevada ski resort is located, which is practically a city full of hotels, restaurants and leisure areas.

What to see and do in this Granada town

Visit the Cerro de la Encina archaeological site

It is an archaeological site from the Argaric period (1700 BC). In it you can see remains of its wall and defensive stone bastions, as well as remains of the dwellings that were inside the walls. In this archaeological site of Monachil there is a most peculiar house because, although in the Argaric culture most of the houses are circular, in Monachil we find an apsidal one.

Also, you will be able to contemplate a series of tombs located inside the houses. The bodies were buried in the fetal position, wrapped in bundles and inside large clay pots. These vessels were buried inside the houses and in those that have been found, especially in the upper part of the town, there were rich grave goods.

Stroll through the historic center of Monachil

It is a historic center to walk around and enjoy its fountains, houses and palaces. Its streets are picturesque, in them whitewashed houses of popular architecture appear to attract the attention of visitors. And you can also find stately homes with Renaissance-style interior patios and upper galleries with arcades facing the street.

Find your Plaza Alta and pay a visit to its beautiful church of the Incarnation, a temple built in 1501 in the Mudejar style. From its exterior, its two portals with coats of arms of Archbishop Argaiz and its tower stand out. Meanwhile, inside, the Renaissance altarpiece, the work of Pedro Machuca’s workshop and one of the most outstanding of the Granada Renaissance, is striking.

Enjoy its gastronomy

Monachil’s gastronomy is typical of a town with ancestral roots. Their pots are filled with natural products from their fields and stews with vegetables and pork are traditional. Among them, the pot of San Antón stands out, which is made with dried beans, rice, pork, chickpeas and herbs such as fennel.

Over there You won’t be able to miss their dried ham either, thanks to the dry cold of the Sierra Nevada., the ‘poor potatoes’ or broad beans with ham. In addition, there are many restaurants and cafes that are committed to traditional food with an avant-garde touch, as well as businessmen who have seen in craft beer a way to continue living in this beautiful town of Granada.

Walk and ski in Sierra Nevada

If you go to Monachil, you can also take the opportunity to do some of the beautiful hiking trails that run through Sierra Nevada. From Monachil starts the route of Los Cahorros. And if you are a ski lover, you can put on your overalls and goggles and enjoy the snow and the more than 100 kilometers of slopes that the Sierra Nevada ski resort offers.

And if snow sports aren’t your thing, it doesn’t matter. Because both in summer and in winter, Sierra Nevada offers excursions and activities. In addition, in Pradollano there are many restaurants, shops, hotels, skating rinks, parties, etc.

Buy some of the beautiful handicrafts of Monachil

And if you want to take a material memory of this unique town, in Monachil there are several artisans inlay, glass, leather, paint, etc. You will find shops where you can buy the most beautiful handicrafts. A perfect souvenir to take with you from Monachil.

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