Monet in London: places where his works are exhibited

Some of his best works were made by Monet in London. The French painter was in the British capital on several occasions and there he made some key canvases in the evolution of his impressionist art. In fact, the city fascinated him and he returned several times throughout his life. Perhaps for this reason, two of the main London museums have some of his paintings.

Monet in London: his first trip

The first time Monet was in London was in 1871. And he did not come for pleasure, but fleeing from the war, since his country had entered the Franco-Prussian war. So when Paris was under siege, he did not hesitate and decided to flee with his wife and his son to London.

Although he did not know it, he was going to spend a few months there, first staying in the vicinity of Leicester Square and later in Kensington. The truth is that it was going to be a very fruitful periodpainting numerous views of the British capital’s landmarks and cityscapes.

It was a very different place from his beloved French light, which he painted so much in places on the banks of the Seine. Nevertheless, the foggy atmosphere typical of London ended up exciting him, providing you with inspiration for novel pictorial effects.

And furthermore, during the stay there, struck up a more lasting friendship with another of the émigré painters, Camille Pissarro. We can also consider this one of the fathers of impressionist art. For this reason, Monet’s stay in London was going to be fundamental in his life and work.

Monet in London: following trips

However, once peace came to France, he returned to his country. But his love for the English metropolis and all its charms was going to be forever. In fact, like so many travelers today, he also promised to return to London. And he fulfilled his promise, although he had to wait almost three decades for it.

On three different occasions, between 1899 and 1901, Monet was in London. He made trips lasting several weeks, during which he stayed in one of London’s most elegant lodgings, the Savoy Hotel. A place from which he even made some views of the city.

Monet in the great museums of London

It is estimated that while Monet was in London, Between all his travels, he was able to paint up to 100 works. Although, some would be mere sketches, others he destroyed and many he did not finish here. In reality, he took them to him in more or less advanced sketches that he later finished in his French studio.

Perhaps for this reason, despite what we may think, at present the great London museums do not have too many of his works. Let’s see it in a little more detail:

The National Gallery, located in Trafalgar Square, never disappoints, even if we are talking about being able to see Monet’s works in London. Of course you have them, and also of great quality. We could mention several, but we are going to stay with two emblematic paintings by Monet.

First of all, your view of The Thames under Parliament. It is one of the masterpieces that Monet made in London and that ended up in the best art gallery in Great Britain. This is a painting that he made during his first trip.

Y, Second, we want to highlight the San Lazaro Station from Paris. It is a later work of which he made several versions trying to capture all its effects of light and steam.

Both the Tate and the National are national museums, and both are free to visit. In fact, between the two they exhibit the same art collection of the British people. But the difference is that the Tate has a place for works made after 1900. For this reason, this is where some of Monet’s paintings made in the 20th century are exhibited.

They are not paintings made by Monet in London, but they are acquisitions that the museum has made. one is elegant Poplars on the banks of the Epte, with a waste of blues and a very unique perspective. And another is one of the multiple images he made of the Lily pads that he had in the pond of his house and that were almost an artistic obsession in his last years of his life.

Bonus: Monet in the Courtauld Collection

There are other works by Monet in London held in private collections, but they are not always accessible to the general public. Instead, some of those collections have their own museums. This is the case of the fantastic Courtauld Collection, which has a work by Monet: Autumn effect in Argenteuil, from 1873. But the headquarters of this collection is under renovation and will not open until 2021.

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