More Hilton hotels in Egypt

The Hilton hotel chain continues to bet on Egypt and will have new hotels in this country at the end of 2018.

Currently Egypt continues to improve as a tourist destination, an African country that has gone through a series of problems in terms of security that have seriously harmed the tourism sector. After these problems have passed, the country has improved remarkably and the large hotel chains are still interested in opening new hotels.

The Hilton hotel chain will have new hotels in Egypt by the end of 2018hilton is one of those brands that trusts in Egypt as a great tourist destination and in this sense this year is going to be very important since a series of hotels will be inaugurated in Egyptian lands. This is excellent news for tourism to advance and attract a greater number of couples and families who choose the African country.

Having the presence of more travelers is essential so that the country can have greater economic growth and that the image can continue to improve in the near future, which is something vital for the country. It is a place that offers great incentives such as the Giza pyramids, which is one of the options to consider.

New hotels in Egypt

One of the new options will be the Waldorf Astoria brand, which will become the first hotel of this brand to be located in Egypt. It will open its doors at the end of the year and will be a very outstanding luxury hotel establishment for the enjoyment of tourists.

Hilton will go on to manage the Heliopolis Hotel and Towers Luxury Hotel and it will do so under two different brands. In the first place we find a hotel with 593 spacious and luxurious rooms, while the second offers 247 rooms. It will be renamed the Waldorf Astoria Cairo after an extensive renovation program.

Both hotels are expected to be available later this year after the residence of its facilities, in order to adapt to the Hilton brand. This will allow travelers to enjoy spectacular vacations staying at one of these new hotels. The commitment to Egypt is very high because it is a country that still has a lot to grow in the coming years.

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