Movie locations, between reality and fiction

They are places that we have seen in the movies or we have imagined when reading unforgettable stories. Places that exist, that were sometimes created as film sets or that have simply been “adapted” for it. We invite you to visit movie places that, sometimes, are not so much. Or if?

1. movie locations: Popeyes’s Village

This unique town was built on the island of Malta to shoot the film version of the well-known comic. A fantasy setting that today anyone can step on and enjoy, since it has been converted into a theme park. If you are one of those who enjoyed Popeye stories, you will love this place.

2. Hobbiton

Do you want to visit an authentic village Hobbit? Then you will have to travel to New Zealand, to Matamala. There you will find one of the most curious movie locations you can imagine. Between small hills you can enjoy the home of Frodo and Bilbo. A fantasy scenario that was decided to keep after the filming of The Lord of the rings.

3. Juliet’s Balcony

Apparently, this is the house in Verona in which Shakeaspeare placed the Capulets’ home. In fact, in the Middle Ages, a family surnamed Cappelletti lived here. But the truth is that Juliet was never able to look out on this balcony, not even Romeo tell him that “Silence! What light makes its way through that window? It is the East, and Juliet, the sun!” The reason? The balcony was added to the house in the early 20th century.

4. Rick’s Cafe

Neither Humphrey Bogart nor Ingrid Bergman set foot in Casablanca to shoot the unforgettable film. Of course, Sam did not touch anything in any cafe in the Moroccan city either. But a few years ago a former diplomat decided to recreate the mythical place and opened an exact replica of the one that can be seen in the film, almost like immersing yourself in it.

5. Bridge over the River Kwai

Here, too, fiction and reality are mixed. There was a bridge built by prisoners (actually there were more than 600 in the area) and the allies destroyed it (at least the one that inspired the book). So this is not the real one. But it is from World War II and it crosses the River Kwai, although with a trick, the river was previously called Mae Klong. What’s more, the film was not even shot in Thailand, but in Sri Lanka.

6. Bridge of Spies

This is one of the movie places whose history is real. Border between the eastern and western bloc in Berlin, during the Cold War this bridge was the scene of the exchange of spies captured while carrying out their investigations in “enemy” territory. The first exchange took place in early 1962 and the last in 1986.

7. Shelock Holmes House

221B Baker Street in London is perhaps one of the best-known addressesAt least for lovers of detective stories. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, but at this address there is a house-museum in which he could perfectly have resided. Although something curious happens, the house is between numbers 237 and 241. Why? We only tell you one thing: put your detective skills to the test.

8. Tataouine, Tunisia

Tatooine is one of the planets featured in starwars. Well, you will find the inspiration to shape it in Tunisia, in Tataouine. Here some scenes of the saga were recorded. Some curious cave dwellings and barns built by the Berbers served to set the home of Luke Skywalker.


In this case, it is a real place that has been transformed into a fantasy world thanks to technology. The landscape of Zhangjiajie, in China, was the inspiration to create the Hallelujah mountains of Pandora’s paradise in the movie Avatar. And such was the success and gratitude, that one of these rocks was baptized, precisely, with the name of Hallelujah.

10. Tabernas Desert

It’s the Far West in the south of Spain. Yes, the desert of Tabernas, in Almería, was the filming set for the so-called “spaghetti western”. And seeing those films nobody would say that they were shot a few kilometers from the Mediterranean. If you visit it, you will feel almost like in one of those feature films. Because of the landscape and because you can enjoy a small theme park.

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