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Mundo Loco: 5 Curious News We Couldn’t Tell You This Week, December 02, 2016

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#1 The duck suit is the only thing that calms Polly, a goat that suffers from anxiety and has touched our hearts. Its owner has gotten used to putting her favorite costume and to see her completely happy.

#1 Goat dresses as a duck as part of therapy

a rescued goat who suffers from anxiety and blindness, calms down when her owner puts her in a duck costume. The animal is blind, malnourished and has neurological problems. Leanne Lauricellaits owner, did not imagine that the costume calm your stress and anxiety.


The animal had behaviors associated with anxiety, he went to a corner of the house and licked the wall. Luckily, that’s over thanks to the duck costume. “It’s like she’s in a trance, close your eyes and immediately relax”says Leanne.

#2 The tender reaction of a baby when trying broccoli

The video starring the little Hazel It has gone viral on social media. The reason is the nice reaction he had when he first tasted broccoli.

The girl looks happy, ready with her pink bib, waiting for the delicacy that they have prepared for her. When her broccoli enters her mouth she chokes and a gesture from her gives him away: he is not happy. Then he resigns himself and passes the porridge and then puts his head in his hands.

#3 Thousands of frozen fish in a skating rink

A Japanese theme park that froze 5,000 sea creatures on the floor of an ice skating rink it was closed this sunday after one avalanche of criticism. The venue promoted the attraction as “the first in the world” and put up pictures of the fish with signs that read: “I… now… I drown… I drown”.


The idea was rated as “disrespectful” and “disgusting” for using animals as toys and for the useless waste of food. The park’s website showed a message in which those responsible acknowledged that the unfavorable opinions received have been “somewhat serious”, and regretted having had “bad taste” when setting up the exhibition.

#4 Young man creates a battery that lasts 400 years

Mya Le Thai, a young doctoral student at the University of California, Irvine, has invented a revolutionary battery that can last 400 years. The most striking thing is that the discovery was the result of chance, since «Mya» he was just ‘playing’ in the workshop.


The young researcher’s finding represents an incredible advance, since if a laptop battery lasts between 300 and 500 charge cycles, the UCI nanobattery worked for 200,000 cycles in three months. This would equate to a useful life of about 400 years.

#5 Visual challenge of the week

This optical illusion travels the internet, to test our brain. You just have to find a turtle that is hiding somewhere in the picture. The 10 year old tortoise his name is Michelangelo’ (Michelangelo), alluding to a character from the famous cartoons “The ninja turtles”.

Look closely, as the turtle can be anywhere!


Have you seen him?

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