Museums in New York that you cannot miss

Enjoying the museums of New York is one more reason to visit the Big Apple. An impressive museum offer awaits us there. Whatever subject you are passionate about, you will find a world-class museum in which that subject is reflected. Without forgetting that you will also enjoy other spaces closely linked to that city.

The best museums in New York

The museums in New York, as we said, are many and varied, but the most interesting are the ones we named you next:

The Metropolitan

Let’s start with one of the most charismatic and also most cinematographic museums in New York: the Metropolitan or, simply, The Met. A museum where we can find a bit of everything in its permanent display.

Nevertheless, Perhaps the most exciting thing about it is its fascinating program of temporary exhibitions. Also events of all kinds related to art, fashion and culture in general.

The MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art is another of the emblems of New York. Anyone who is passionate about contemporary art and takes a trip to the Big Apple has to visit it. The great masters of recent times await us there. There is Picasso, Kandinsky, Rodin, Chagall, Dalí, Mondrian, Rodin and many more. Safety pin!

The Guggenheim

And to end the triad of great art museums in New York, we must mention the Guggenheim, the first of the museums created by this family patron of contemporary art. Others with that last name would come later, such as the one from Venice or Bilbao, but the first was this one from Manhattan.

A place where even the building is an outstanding work of artin this case, signed by one of the great American architects Frank Lloyd Wright.

Every great architect, necessarily, is a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, of his days, of his time.

-Frank Lloyd Wright-

The Natural History Museum

The walk through Central Park is one of the obligations on a trip to New York. Depending on where you exit that park, you may find yourself at the gates of the American Museum of Natural History. If so, do not resist entering.

There you can learn about almost any natural science topic: geology, animals, flora and, above all, its famous dinosaurs. If you travel with children, they will love it.

Ellis Island Museum

Not all the museums in New York are located on the island of Manhattan, they are scattered throughout all the districts of the city. But few reflect American history as well as the Ellis Island Museum.

It is an establishment that remember how all the emigrants passed through here who came to the country for decades. Without a doubt, an attractive history lesson from which many conclusions can be drawn.

brooklyn museum

And we are going to mention another New York museum that is outside of Manhattan. This is the Brooklyn Museum, obviously located in that district on the other side of the East River. The truth is that it is not the most famous of the museums in New York, but it is one of the largest in the citythe third in size, specifically.

An interesting collection awaits you ranging from the most ancient of the Egypt of the pharaohs to sought-after pieces of contemporary art.

The Museum of the Cloisters, one of the most curious museums in New York

Given the relatively short history of the United States, the collections of some of its museums are nourished by ancient works from other parts of the world. A paradigmatic case is that of the Cloisters Museum, better known as The Cloisters.

Is it is an amazing opportunity to see various European medieval buildings in the middle of Manhattan. Until there they were transferred stone by stone.

9/11 Memorial and Museum, New York’s newest museum

We want to end this brief tour of the most important museums in New York by mentioning the last one that has been created. which also is the most emotional of all. It is the Memorial Museum dedicated to September 11, 2001.

A museum located where the Twin Towers were and that crudely evokes what happened there on that sad day that we all remember. Don’t miss it on your trip to New York!

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